Cristian, an Unbound scholar, outside of his home in Colombia.
Jan 6 2016

The true impact of an Unbound scholarship

Mayra, an Unbound scholar, at home with her mother, Patricia, in Guatemala.

Mayra, an Unbound scholar, at home with her mother, Patricia, in Guatemala.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the true impact of your contribution, especially when you contribute to a program helping many, like our Education program, without knowing who will actually benefit from your contribution.

With a sponsorship, you have the chance to pick the person you want to help, and you can build a relationship through photos and letters. But when you make a contribution to the Education program, who gets to continue their schooling?

Mayra from Guatemala and Cristian from Colombia are just two of the many students who receive scholarship assistance from Unbound’s Education program to continue their schooling.

Like many of their peers, they have dreams of going to college but, because of their families’ financial situation, find it difficult to afford the cost of realizing those dreams.

“[In Guatemala], we don’t have opportunities for the youth, and young people like me don’t have the financial resources to follow dreams,” Mayra said. “It gets even harder in rural communities — the cost of transportation, the distances and other realities make it a lot harder. Many get discouraged and prefer to drop out [of school].

“The scholarship is of great benefit [to me] because through it I am able to continue my studies. Otherwise I would most likely be out of school, unable to follow my dreams.”

Cristian, an Unbound scholar, outside of his home in Colombia.

Cristian, an Unbound scholar, outside of his home in Colombia.

Cristian knows how important getting an education in his country is.

“In Colombia, if you don’t have a degree, things are difficult,” he said. “And if you want to overcome in life, you have to study. In order to access better job opportunities, one must have higher education.

“Without Unbound, studying would have been much more difficult because [the scholarship] is a great support.”

In every Unbound community throughout the world, people are brimming with potential. Sponsors and donors recognize that and continue to give opportunities to those who may not have had them before.

“As our name says, we are an organization with no limits,” Cristian said. “An organization that opens its doors to those who need it [provides] a great experience for the children to grow healthy, for the elderly to live in dignity and for people like me to receive an education. I see Unbound as a place with opportunities for all.”

Thanks to our supporters, Unbound was able to offer opportunities for Mayra to not only dream of becoming a nurse, but to become one. Cristian got opportunities to become an accountant. And Mayra and Cristian had opportunities to give back by helping sponsored children with their letters and homework as part of the community service requirement for their scholarships.

“Unbound is not just about sending money so the child can get things,” Cristian said. “No, the support they provide allows the child and his or her family to grow personally. I wish [sponsors] could learn how they are nurturing the dream of their sponsored member, their personal formation and growth.”

By contributing to the Education program, you’re helping someone like Cristian or Mayra realize their dreams. They’ll be able to continue their education because of you.

Alexandra Stonestreet

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