Ingrid (right) and her mother Maria in their home.
Jan 29 2016

Scholarship recipient realizes teaching dream

Ingrid (right) and her mother Maria in their home.

Ingrid (right) and her mother Maria in their home.

Ingrid lives in Guatemala, where, according to the World Bank’s source Barro-Lee, on average girls complete about six years of schooling. In 2015, she graduated as a certified bilingual education teacher. Luis Cocon, communications liaison for Unbound in Guatemala, had the opportunity to meet Ingrid and hear her story during her final year of school before graduation.

Ingrid’s mother, Maria, is a widow who works extremely hard to support Ingrid and her three younger siblings.

“Can you imagine all the pressure that she had to support all of us?” Ingrid asked. “She sells food and she also raises chicks, goats and hens.”

On a typical day, Ingrid wakes up an hour-and-a-half before school starts to help her mother prepare the food to sell. In the afternoon, she returns home from school and continues helping her mother with food sales and then finishes her homework.

They live in the mostly rural state of Chimaltenango where the majority of families are of Kaqchikel Mayan descent. It was with her mother’s support and that of her sponsor of 11 years, Robert from Ohio, that Ingrid excelled in school and overcame what the statistics suggest could have been her future.

The family’s income is normal for families in their area, around $40 a month. To help cover the expenses of her secondary education such as uniforms, school supplies and fees, Ingrid also received a scholarship from Unbound thanks to generous donors who give extra to support Education.

“The scholarship is creating a big difference in my life,” Ingrid said. “[It is] because of my scholarship that I am able to go to school. Thank you to all of the sponsors for their donations [to Education] and their love.”

Ingrid’s decision to study to be a teacher reflected her passion to enrich the next generation and pay forward the investments made in her.

“I want to give them confidence and help develop their talents,” Ingrid said. “When I become old, I dream of seeing my students doing great things. I want them to be good doctors, nurses, engineers and biologists, and help our community.”

When asked what accomplishments she is most proud of, Ingrid said, “I am proud to be a good student. I am proud that I will graduate this year, I will soon be a teacher and I will have the opportunity to find a job.”

With her graduation last summer, Ingrid can now pursue her dream of cultivating her community and have a more financially stable future for her and her family.

We at Unbound want to congratulate Ingrid on graduating as a teacher. And congratulations to Maria, Ingrid’s mother, Robert, Ingrid’s sponsor, and all the donors who contributed to Education, making scholarships like Ingrid’s possible. The support everyone has given to Ingrid was a small ripple that will emanate endlessly and affect countless lives. Thank you for allowing us to bear witness to it.

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