Dec 30 2015

Staff picks: Favorite Unbound photos of 2015

Ezequial from El Salvador.

Each year, Unbound get the chance to share some amazing photos of our work around the world. The stories and images of the families we serve are just one way we show our supporters how they’re making a difference.

Here’s a selection of some of our Kansas City staff’s favorite photos from 2015.

“I love this photo for several reasons. First, who doesn’t want to see this cutie holding his pet? Second, Ezequial’s smile is absolutely infectious and draws you in. And finally, it makes me think of Naresli Calito, our phenomenal communications liaison in the area who took this photo, and how beautiful she is (inside and out). Her personality shines through each and every photo she captures. Thank you to all of our faithful liaisons around the world for this beautiful image and so many more.” — Alexandra Stonestreet, communications project manager

“These images struck me because there is so much joy in the little girl’s face when she sees the Unbound social worker. It’s a very special moment. While I work in the Kansas City office, I only get glimpses into the world in which our field staff works. They truly are connecting on a deeply personal level with the families Unbound sponsors. I may not get to ever hug a sponsored child, but seeing photos like these warm my heart.” — April Befort-Neumann, senior graphic designer”
Caitlyn (right) and Elena, a sponsored elder in El Salvador

“The reason this photo is my favorite is because of the pure joy and happiness between Caitlyn (right) and Elena, a sponsored elder in El Salvador. It’s contagious and I feel happy just looking at this picture. The photo reminds me that no matter what challenges we face in life there is always room for laughter. This photo makes me feel Unbound.” — Erica Braker, public relations specialist

“I love these photos of sponsored elder Alice in Kenya because of the story behind them. Our communications liaison in Africa, Regina Mburu, told us on a Skype call about an interview she had planned with a sponsored elder who sold groceries for income. It might have been our connection or the early morning hour, but I heard ‘rosaries’ instead of ‘groceries.’ I suggested how we might photograph the elder with her rosaries until Regina stopped me to explain she had said ‘groceries, as in vegetables.’ Well, the interview with the sponsored elder fell through but the social worker suggested someone else to interview. It was Alice, who makes and sells beaded items. When Alice showed Regina her creations, there, among them, was a rosary. I suppose it was meant to be that we tell Alice’s story, which is why I love the photos. That and Alice’s beautiful smile.” — Loretta Shea Kline, managing editor

Read Alice’s story

Isaias and his sponsor Patricia Mueller on an awareness trip in El Salvador.

Isaias and his sponsor Patricia Mueller on an awareness trip in El Salvador.

“I love seeing photos of sponsors and kids, and these two look like they were having the best time together. I think it really shows the connection that can be made between two very different people from very different backgrounds. Plus, it’s just an adorable photo!” — Kathleen Murray, graphic designer

Joshua from the Philippines

“I love this photo because it’s hard not to smile when you see it. The joy on Joshua’s face, and the obvious laughter coming from his mom in the background, are what make it so infectious. Joshua was still waiting to find a sponsor when this photo was taken, and I love how the demeanor of Joshua and his mother contradicts what poverty is ‘supposed’ to look like.” — Jordan Kimbrell, writer/editor

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One thought on “Staff picks: Favorite Unbound photos of 2015”

  1. These photos are inspiring and encourage us that our prayers / support do make a difference. The story on the groceries-rosaries resonates with me, since I find praying the Rosary calming and spiritually nourishing, as groceries are for the body. Thanks. May our Faith be strengthened.

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