Nov 23 2015

Prepared for life’s challenges

Ronalyn was sponsored through Unbound for 14 years before she graduated from the program in 2010. After being out of the program for five years, Ronalyn tells us how she and her family are doing now that she is out on her own.

After Ronalyn graduated from a university in Legazpi as a social worker, she found a job at a rehabilitation center. She now works with patients in counseling sessions and helps them overcome drug addictions.

“Long patience is needed,” Ronalyn said of her job working with patients at the center. “The good thing is that it is really life changing when you are able to renew the life of a patient. You are able to help them out from their problem.”

Ronalyn was not always interested in social work. When she was younger she dreamed of becoming a doctor or even an accountant. Her finances, however, held her back from pursuing those careers and instead she focused on social work, which turned into a true passion.

“I am really for this job,” Ronalyn said.

She’s grateful for the help she received through her sponsorship. She said it has helped her achieve great things.

“I am not here without [Unbound]. My advantage is I am really prepared to face all the trials that I encounter,” she said.

Ronalyn has plans to continue her education in social work and obtain a master’s degree in guidance counseling. For now, though, her plans are on hold because she’s focused on helping support her family and making sure her siblings get a quality education like she did.

“Before, I was like a beggar asking for help and support from other people,” Ronalyn said. “But because of Unbound, I am what I am now. I can provide financial [support] to my family.”

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