Nov 13 2015

‘Life is easier with electricity’

From left: Maria, middle, with her parents Christina, left, and Leonard, right.

From left: Maria, middle, with her parents Christina, left, and Leonard, right.

It used to be difficult for Maria to study at night. Her home in Tanzania didn’t have electricity and she would have to study by the light of a kerosene lamp or candles.

But when Maria became sponsored, her family began saving part of her sponsorship funds to construct a new home, one with electricity.

Maria’s father, Leonard, is the only one in the family working outside the home. Maria’s mother, Christina, stays at home to take care of the couple’s five children.

Maria was sponsored seven years ago, and since then the family decided the best way to use the sponsorship funds was to start saving for their future.

“Using the savings from Maria’s sponsorship fund, we were able to construct our own home,” Leonard said. “It was not easy for the children doing homework at night without electricity. We were using kerosene lamps that are really not suitable. I wanted my children to be comfortable when doing their studies at night.

“Life is easier with electricity.”

Leonard said sponsorship support eased the family’s financial burden.

“Being the sole breadwinner and having to take up all the responsibility was overwhelming for me,” Leonard said. “Things got much better [after Maria was sponsored.] Maria’s education expenses were fully catered for. A huge load was taken off my shoulders. I am grateful to Unbound.”

Maria no longer has to study by candlelight.

Maria no longer has to study by candlelight.

Now that the family lives in a new home with electricity, everyone is much happier, including Maria.

“I feel very happy,” Maria said. “No more using candles and lamps, which are very irritating to the eyes. I can now study late into the night, as there is electricity. … I would like to thank my sponsor for all the support I have received. We have electricity because of his help.”

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