Oct 12 2015

5 inspiring girls, women for Day of the Girl

Yesterday, on Oct. 11, the world celebrated International Day of the Girl. The day was made official by the United Nations in 2011, and was created “to help galvanize worldwide enthusiasm for goals to better girls’ lives, providing an opportunity for them to show leadership and reach their full potential.”

Unbound celebrates girls and women on Oct. 11 and every other day of the year. We provide encouragement and support for moms through Unbound mothers groups. We provide loans to mothers so they can start start small businesses and we support girls and young women as they pursue and continue their educations.

Check out these stories from Unbound about girls and women building a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

1. Driving positive change

Luisa stands outside the taxi she drives in Bolivia.

Luisa stands outside the taxi she drives in Bolivia.

A taxi driver’s life can be dangerous. Unknown passengers, unsafe locations, heavy traffic, severe weather and the time of day can affect the outcome of each fare. But when the taxi driver is a woman living in Bolivia, accepting fares on a graveyard shift, the danger is much greater. Read more

2. Engineer builds ‘a foundation to help people’


She remembers days as a college student when all she had to eat was one boiled egg — cut in thirds for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Read more

3. Female security guard finds safety in Unbound


Karen has experienced much trauma in her life — from domestic violence and a near fatal attack from her first husband to being abandoned by her second husband. Now the 31-year-old single mother of three in Colombia is raising her children alone in a humble home made of bamboo sticks and rusted sheet metal. Read more

4. Crafting a bond between father and daughter


In Latin America it’s common for fathers to train their sons in the family trade, while daughters learn domestic skills from their mothers. It’s more unusual for fathers to mentor their daughters.

Evelyn, an 11-year-old sponsored child in Guatemala, is one girl whose father, Laureano, has no issues with teaching her his woodworking craft. Read more

5. From badly burned to money earned


Designing and creating fashionable jewelry can be challenging, but for Florence it’s the perfect way to make a living. Florence was badly burned when she was young, leaving her with little use of her hands. But she doesn’t let her disability define her life. She chose her line of work, and it’s helping her earn a living for herself and her three children. Watch the short video

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