Sponsored elder Olga from Honduras.
Sep 11 2015

Seizing opportunities at every age

Olga with her youngest daughter, Iris, and Iris' son Jafeth.

Olga with her youngest daughter, Iris, and Iris’ son Jafeth.

Olga is a sponsored elder who is the mother of 10 grown children. She has 46 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. That’s a lot of names to remember and a lot of love to spread around. She experienced many challenges throughout her life in Honduras, but she remains positive and an inspiration to many.

Olga never got the opportunity to attend school. Her parents thought it was better for her to start working than attend school.

Olga provided for her children by working in a diner preparing and serving food. The income she earned was low, but she never quit. She knew that even though her income was minimal, it helped pay for the things she and her family needed.

During the coffee harvest, Olga picked up extra work by cooking and washing clothes for workers who picked coffee beans. It was a financial boost that helped her move forward.

She’s been with Unbound for around 13 years. She is sponsored now, and when two of her children were younger they were also sponsored. One works in a hospital now while the other works as housekeeper.

Olga lives with her youngest daughter and her grandson. She takes her grandson to school and picks him up in the afternoon. While he’s in class, Olga enjoys watering the plants and flowers she grows in her yard.

She’s an active 70-year-old who is proud of everything she’s able to accomplish. Olga said she considers herself to be an elder with a lot of God-given energy.

She uses that energy to participate in her Unbound elders group.

This past November, Olga was elected as the leader of her elders group. She helps facilitate the meetings and hosts them in her home. She’s honored to serve in this way.

Olga said that she’s had opportunities through Unbound that she never thought she could have.

“Never be discouraged and don’t think negatively,” Olga said. ” … In this life there are opportunities and you have to know how to seize them when help presents itself.

“Always be positive because even though there may be obstacles, you can’t get discouraged. That’s how we can transform our families and communities.”

This Sunday, Sept. 13, is Grandparents’ Day, and the slogan for this year is “Do something grand.” In honor of Grandparents Day, you can “do something grand” by offering encouragement and support to an elder waiting for sponsorship. Sponsor an elder through Unbound today.

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