Sep 4 2015

Going to the grocery store

getting benefitsWhen you send in your sponsorship contribution, how does that money get to your friend? How do we tailor benefits to meet the needs of each sponsored friend and their family? In this photo essay, we’ll show you how one family in Kenya gets the sponsorship benefits they need.

price quote

It all starts with a piece of paper.

Elisita goes to her local supermarket with a grocery list of the items her family needs for that month. Elisita’s daughter, Esther, is sponsored through Unbound in Kenya. Unbound’s sponsorship program gives families the opportunity to select the benefits they need most.

The supermarket provides Elisita with a price quote for the goods, which she brings to the local Unbound office.

A few of the mothers group officers sign off on the price quote before it is submitted to the staff for approval.

Elisita brings her daughter’s file to the social worker in charge. The social worker reviews the documents in the file to make sure everything is in order. Elisita then signs an office visit form to show she came into the office.

Funds for Esther’s sponsorship benefits are deposited into a bank account, which her mother, Elisita, can access to get the items Esther and her family need for the month.

To use the sponsorship benefit account, Elisita must fill out a withdrawal form at the local Unbound office. She gives her completed form to the social worker so that her request can be processed. She also provides her ID card to verify her identity and prevent fraud.

Once everything has been verified, Elisita gets her bank card back and signs a paper saying she received it.

Elisita takes her card to the bank and withdraws the amount she needs to purchase her daughter’s sponsorship benefits for that month. Then it’s off to the supermarket!

waiting for receipt

Done with shopping! After she makes her purchases, Elisita waits for her receipt.

After her shopping trip, Elisita goes back to the Unbound office with her receipt in hand. She gives her bank withdrawal slip and supermarket receipt to the social worker, who verifies the documents are valid and correct. Elisita then signs the benefits log to show that she received the benefits for her daughter that month.

returning bank card

Elisita returns the bank card and signs a document to show she returned the card.

getting benefits

Unbound’s sponsorship program is unique because benefits are tailored to fit the needs of each individual and family. Elisita knows best what she and her family need, which is why she is in charge of choosing the benefits every month.

Benefit distribution is different in every country where Unbound works, but one thing is always the same: Families have the primary voice in selection of personalized benefits and services.

Your contributions provide direct, personal support for your friend and family. That encourages everyone, gives them choices and allows them to develop their talents and pursue their dreams.

Give a family a voice. Sponsor a child today.

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  1. It was interesting to learn about the process of how sponsored individuals can access their funds. Although I made a trip to Kenya-Uganda in 2007, I don’t remember hearing about the process for fund disbursement and ultimately for accountability. It seems well thought out and also provides training in a variety of ways of money management. thank you. Eugenia

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