Maria prepares corn her husband brought home from his work in agriculture.
Sep 14 2015

Building a family, creating a community

Maria prepares corn her husband brought home from his work in agriculture.

Maria prepares corn her husband brought home from his work in agriculture.

Like most moms, Maria is a busy woman. Cooking, cleaning and getting her children ready for school are just a few of the things that make up her daily routine. Maria is also involved in starting her own business and improving the health and wellness of her community. It’s a full plate, but she’s excited about each opportunity that comes her way.

Maria’s daughter was sponsored through Unbound four years ago. Maria had met families in her community who were part of the program and they encouraged her to talk to someone at the office about sponsorship.

“[Unbound] is different from other organizations that are working with families living in poverty,” Maria said. “It’s a blessing from God to be part of this organization, not only for my family but for my community, too.”

Maria is treasurer of the local water board and president of the parent board at her children’s school. She and her fellow board members are helping to provide running water and improve the school.

“We do a clean-up campaign along the main roads from our town,” she said. “We also clean the community water tank. That’s something that we do with the school’s collaboration.”

In addition to clean water for her community, Maria and several other parents knew their next mission was improving the school’s sanitary conditions.

Several of the parents got together and with the support of other local organizations and residents were able to build restrooms for the school.

“The only school in our town … didn’t have sanitary service,” Maria said. “Nobody cared about the issue, so that’s why we decided that we needed to do something about it. Our children attend that school and we wanted to improve the school conditions for them.”

Unbound helped by providing some of the construction materials.

In addition to her community service, Maria is part of an Unbound mothers group called “Doors for Love and Peace.” Maria and seven other mothers from her group operate a small business baking bread. They sell the bread to neighbors as well as the local Unbound office. The bread is delivered to families in the sponsorship program as part of the monthly nutrition benefit.

“We started saving small amounts of money to buy the ingredients and things that we might need,” Maria said. “Little by little we saw that through this work our lives and those of our families are changing for the better. … [In Unbound,] we all have a voice. We can change our realities.”

When Maria isn’t busy baking bread, making her community a better place to live or ensuring children at the local school are properly cared for, she can be found playing with her children.

“I like to be with them and see them smiling, make them happy and hug them,” she said.

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