Aug 24 2015

‘Value the things that you achieve with effort’

When Jorge joined the Unbound program nearly eight years ago he was just 11 years old. He and his family lived in a small town two hours outside of Monterrey, Mexico. The six family members lived in a home with only two rooms, one for sleeping and the other for everything else.

Now 19, there have been some major changes in Jorge’s life, though some parts remain the same. There are now seven family members, still living in the same home, but with the help of Unbound the family was able to build an additional room. Jorge’s father Arturo, a retired police man, is still waiting for his retirement settlement.

But, probably, the biggest change is Jorge’s options in life. Before joining the program, Jorge’s parents struggled to send all of their children to school. According to World Bank, only about 30 percent of students in Mexico enroll in college or other forms of higher education. And according to Jorge, going to college in Mexico can be a challenge.

“[Sponsorship] helps because, thanks to Unbound, I could continue studying,” Jorge said. “We also have food, clothes and shoes to go to school. I would have probably not gone to college if it wasn’t for the support that I receive at Unbound.

“I am grateful because, through education, I feel that I have a better shot in life, to be productive.”

With the support of his sponsorship Jorge was able to complete his high school education and get an assistant administration job at a local company. That job is helping him pay his way through college. He and his older brother both pay for their higher education, as their parents aren’t in a financial position to help them with the costs.

Though he is now working toward a degree in business management, Jorge has had some disappointments along the way. Even with sponsorship, Jorge had to take a semester off school because the family couldn’t afford it, and he wasn’t able to attend his high school graduation due to the expense.

“I learned that things don’t always turn out the way you want them to,” Jorge said. “So you must be ready for those moments and don’t feel disappointed but find solutions. And I learned that there are many good people who are willing to give you a helping hand to move forward in life.”

Jorge wants to complete his college education so he can help his parents and siblings have a better life. He is working hard toward his goals, and has some great insight on what he’s learned in his journey thus far.

“[I’ve learned] to value the things that you achieve with effort and to help others in any way that I can,” he said. “I’ve learned to be happy about life, to value my parents and siblings every day, and I have learned that if the road gets tough, it’s because you are going in the right direction.”

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