Jul 22 2015

What does your sponsorship contribution provide?

Sponsored child Rodrigo gives his mother, Elizabeth, a kiss outside their home in El Salvador.

Sponsored child Rodrigo gives his mother, Elizabeth, a kiss outside their home in El Salvador.

Unbound’s sponsorship program is unique. We empower families to have the primary voice in making decisions that will impact their lives. Our program is so personalized you might even say we have more than 300,000 sponsorship programs — one for each individual sponsored through Unbound.

Families know what they need to overcome the challenges they face. This is why families are the primary decision makers in the Unbound program. When the families make the decisions, they get the most out of their sponsorship benefits.

Your sponsorship allows your friend’s family to set personal goals and select benefits designed to help them achieve those goals.

Peter weighs meat at his butcher shop before wrapping it up for a customer to take home.

Peter weighs meat at his butcher shop before wrapping it up for a customer to take home.

Sometimes those goals are big.

Peter in Kenya dreamed of owning his own butcher shop. Before his son Oscar became sponsored, Peter sold goats and earned little profit from the sales.

When Peter’s wife joined the local Unbound mothers group, the family took out a loan through the group to open a butcher shop. With help from Unbound, Peter was able to achieve his goal of owning a small business to support his family.

Josephine (right) and her mother, Elizabeth, make chapati.

Josephine (right) and her mother, Elizabeth, make chapati.

Other goals are smaller, like saving sponsorship benefits for a special meal at Christmas.

Regina Mburu, Unbound’s communications liaison in Kenya, said it’s tradition for chapati, a type of thin, unleavened bread popular in many countries, to be served at Christmas, no matter what budget a family may have.

Elizabeth, who has a daughter sponsored through Unbound, budgets carefully for several months and uses a small portion of their Unbound benefits to afford the Christmas dinner.

Whether big or small, each family’s goal is supported by sponsorship benefits tailored for their needs.

Take Florencia in Bolivia, for example. She used to beg her husband for change to purchase just a few vegetables to make soup for her children. When two of her children were sponsored through

Unbound, Florencia learned about an urban agriculture program offered to parents of sponsored children.

She learned how to grow her own vegetables and raise hens. Now she can feed her children eggs, as well as vegetables from her garden. The extra eggs and vegetables are then sold at the local market, putting money in Florencia’s pocket.

It’s the perfect solution for her problems, because these income-generating activities allow her to work from home without having to leave her children.

Jose, a sponsored elder in the Philippines.

Jose, a sponsored elder in the Philippines.

The program is personalized for everyone — elders, too.

Jose is a 62-year-old sponsored elder living in the Philippines. He lives by the sea and makes his living from it — as a fisherman, tour guide, farmer and owner of a small store.

“I was able to put up a small store in our house through the benefit I receive from Unbound,” Jose said. “It gives a lot of benefit that would make our lives much easier since I am already aged.”

Before he was sponsored, Jose was able to bring in about $5 a day through fishing, guiding tourists and farming a small rice field. The store has boosted his income, and he also raises pigs and cows.

We work with families to help them identify and meet their needs and goals.

Maliza and Moses live with their four children in a small house in Uganda. Their 11-year old daughter, Rosette, is sponsored through Unbound.

The family latrine, made of mud and thatched grass, was run-down and unusable. When possible the family used a toilet in a neighboring church, or they were forced to go into the bushes.

When parents of other sponsored children learned about the state of the family’s latrine, they came together to provide the labor to build a new one. The family purchased the bricks and sand while Unbound provided iron sheets for the roofing.

“I am very happy,” Maliza said. “Now we have a latrine we can use just outside our house.”

Help a family create their own success. Sponsor a child or elder today.

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