John, former sponsored child and scholar.
Jul 8 2015

Former Unbound youth proves sponsorship works

What happens when sponsored friends graduate from school and leave the program? Do they make better lives for themselves and their families? Are they working? What are they doing to contribute to their communities? Today on our blog, John, a teacher and former sponsored child, answers these questions.

John was sponsored in Cartagena, Colombia, when he was 6 years old. He lived with his mother and father and his five brothers. His parents were always working and many times the boys were left to take care of themselves. It was difficult for John’s parents to meet even the family’s basic needs.

“Their work many times was only good for one meal a day,” John said, “so the school expenses and needs were not covered many times.”

After his mother found out about the sponsorship program, John became sponsored and was able to continue and stick with his schooling.

When John was a child his favorite thing about being sponsored was the food.. Knowing he would have a meal at school always motivated him to go. But when he was older he was awarded an Unbound scholarship and fell in love with the work of Unbound.

“The foundation made me believe in a better tomorrow. That generated an impact in me,” John said. “I am very happy with who I am and how I am able to help people from my community and other communities that need the knowledge I have gained.”

With the help of his sponsorship and scholarship, John graduated from college and became a principal at a school where he also teaches.

“I decided to become a teacher when I was a child,” he said. “To teach and transmit my knowledge is a gift I have.”

John is now 29, and although he graduated from the sponsorship program long ago, he still helps out whenever and however he can. He serves as the master of ceremony for the Unbound program at the end of each school year.

“More than support, my feeling is gratitude for the opportunity I was given,” John said.

Gratitude to Unbound and his sponsor, whose letters and words of encouragement he still remembers.

“I used to thank her for the opportunity that she was giving me,” John said. “I can only imagine how proud she was when I graduated; she wrote that in her letter. I am grateful for the support that she gave me and for the opportunity she opened for me. I am a person of goodwill as she hoped for me to be.”

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One thought on “Former Unbound youth proves sponsorship works”

  1. What a Fine young Man. I wish every student in the United States could read this article. Maybe they would realize how Blessed they are. The part about what John look forward to, receiving a meal at school, brought tears to my eyes. I am so proud we have our young man in Bogota to be our “Partner in Christ”, and I’m sure he will grow to become a perfect example, like John.
    May God continue to Bless UNBOUND !!!

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