Jul 15 2015

Cindy needs a sponsor

Some little girls dream about being a princess, but Cindy in Bolivia dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up. With a sponsor, Cindy’s dreams can come true.

Cindy lives with her mother and two sisters in Bolivia. Her mother, Cinda, earns a little bit of money washing clothes and works seasonally as a bricklayer.

Sometimes Cinda goes through neighborhoods on trash day to collect things that can be recycled or used. The income she earns isn’t enough to support her three girls, and she doesn’t receive any financial support from their father.

“It is very difficult to send my girls to school,” Cinda said. “I am unable to buy shoes and school uniforms. I had to pay $17 for two books for my older girl. I don’t have that money. I heard about the [sponsorship] program and I asked for help.”

The family is waiting for sponsorship for Cindy. Once Cindy gets a sponsor, she will start receiving benefits to help pay for the cost of her education and will also receive benefits that extend to the rest of her family, helping her mother and two sisters.

“I want to be a teacher,” Cindy said. “I want to help little kids learn how to paint, read, write and draw.”

Cindy likes to weave and read books for fun. She enjoys playing jump rope, soccer and playing with dolls. Her favorite school subject is language.

If I had a sponsor I would promise to work hard in school and pass all my subjects,” Cindy said. “I promise to improve my handwriting to send you nice letters.”

Editor’s note: Since this was posted, Cindy has found a sponsor. Click here to view other kids waiting for a sponsor.

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