Jorge sitting in his favorite spot.
Jun 1 2015

‘Thank you for what you are about to be in my life’

Jorge in his favorite spot.

Jorge sitting in his favorite spot.

Jorge’s favorite spot is the hammock on his front porch.

“I spend the afternoon right here,” he said. “I read the Bible — I stay here until about 8 at night. We eat something, and we go to bed.”

Jorge is 68 years old and lives in Guatemala. Those relaxing afternoons in the hammock are much needed after his long mornings selling clothes in the marketplace.

Jorge and his wife, Reyna, wake up at 5 a.m. every day and try to sell clothes to provide for their daily needs. They may earn $4 or $5 on a good day, but many times they can’t sell anything, leaving them with no money for food or transportation home from the market.

Jorge has sold clothing most of his life. He used to sell clothes at a market in Guatemala City, but local gangs began extorting money from him.

“I felt my life and the life of my family was at risk, and that’s when we decided to leave,” he said.

Jorge and his family moved around different parts of Central America before settling in the small town in Guatemala where he and Reyna live now.

Selling clothes is their only source of income. Jorge suffered a stroke several years ago, which left him with a partially paralyzed arm and leg. His vision is also fading, so he relies on Reyna for help.

A sponsor for Jorge would mean that he and Reyna would get medical assistance, participate in recreational activities and, most importantly, receive food, which they don’t always have.

Jorge had something he wanted to tell his future sponsor.

“Thank you for what you are about to be in my life,” he said. “Thank you for your kindness for providing love and support for me. We have close to nothing, but you can be our happiness.”

Editor’s note: Since this was posted, Jorge has found a sponsor. Click here to view other elders waiting for a sponsor.

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