Faith, an Unbound sponsored youth and scholar in Kenya.
May 20 2015

Gotta have Faith

Faith, an Unbound sponsored youth and scholar in Kenya.

Faith, an Unbound sponsored youth and scholar in Kenya.

When most girls her age were playing with dolls, Faith was wondering where she and her sister would get their next meal.

Faith was 7 when her father passed away. Three years later her mother grew ill and died, leaving Faith at 10 years old to care for herself and her younger sister.

“I did not enjoy my childhood,” Faith said. “I had to grow up very fast and take care of my ailing mum and later my younger sister. It was not easy. Sometimes we had to beg for food from the neighbors or go to bed hungry.”

Many of Faith’s relatives were also deceased, so the girls were alone for almost three years. It wasn’t until 2004 when a local pastor and his family took the girls in and became their foster family. A neighbor then told them about Unbound and Faith as accepted into the program. With the help of her foster parents and Unbound sponsorship, Faith said, things were starting to look up in her life.

“[My sister and I] no longer slept hungry, we could get nutritional benefits from the program as well as bedding and clothes,” she said. “We now had hope in our lives. My performance in school improved greatly as I now did not miss any of my classes because of school fees.”

Faith is pursuing a degree in nursing and is expected to graduate in 2016. In addition to her sponsorship, she earned an Unbound scholarship that helps pay for the cost of tuition, books and school supplies.

In her spare time, Faith volunteers as a peer counselor. She enjoys talking with youth and encouraging them in their studies and helping them through their struggles.

She dreams of completing her education, but has other goals for herself as well.

“I want to make my foster parents proud of me,” Faith said. “I also would like to have my family and my own home.”

Faith had some advice to share with other Unbound scholarship students.

“They should not take the chance they have at Unbound for granted,” she said. “Through it they can achieve their dreams.”

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