Peter, 47, from Kenya roasts goat meat for his customers.
Apr 27 2015

‘Behind every great man’

By Regina Mburu, communications liaison for Unbound in Africa

Peter has a big smile as he chats with his customers while weighing and chopping meat for them. Peter is from Kenya and works as a butcher, selling goat meat, raw or roasted, to support his family.

“I have been doing this for the last two years,” he said. “It gives me great joy to be a butcher. This job, though it seems messy for some, helps me put food on my family’s table.”

I follow Peter around his butchery, and the zeal with which he goes around doing his work is admirable. As he puts some meat on the fire to roast, Peter lets me in on the history of his business.

“Before I got this premises two years ago, I used to sell goats to people,” Peter said. “I used to get goats at a fair price and make some little profit from the sale.

“Though it was my hope that one day I would run and own my own butchery.”

Peter’s wife, Ederina, has been his biggest support. She is a housewife, taking care of their two children. She also helped raise the four children Peter had with his first wife, who passed away in 1993.

Peter and Ederina’s son Oscar was sponsored through Unbound in 2010, and Ederina participates in a support mothers group through the program.

“My wife has taken good care of our children and home,” Peter said. “Ederina has supported me all through, and she knew that my dream was to have my own butchery.”

The support mothers group program through Unbound has been pivotal in helping many families establish livelihood programs to sustain their families. The support mothers group loan program has lifted the living standards of many families, including Peter and Ederina’s.

Ederina took a loan through her group to help Peter start the butchery, which is doing quite well.

In our African setting, men normally don’t let women assist them financially. Many men believe that it is emasculating, though this kind of mindset is slowly changing.

“I am so grateful to my wife for her support,” Peter said. “Through her support, our family’s living condition has greatly improved.”

Livelihood programs are transforming families in the Unbound world. Donations to Microfunding help support these transformations.

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