Jéssica sits in the doorway of her home in Mexico.
Mar 23 2015

‘My humble gift for [my sponsor]’

Thinking of her childhood home, one thing stands out for Jéssica.

“We could see the stars at night,” she said.

That was only because the roof on her home was so bad she could see the sky through the holes.

Jéssica, now 24, lives with her parents and four siblings in Mexico. And she remembers finances were tight at home.

“I could not have things that I wanted and needed,” she explained. “I recycled notebooks, school supplies, school bags and anything I could for the following year.”

While her friends were out having fun, Jéssica could be found packing groceries at the local supermarket, earning $6 USD on a good day, to help her parents make ends meet. She was just 13.

But something changed six years ago.

David became her sponsor.

“I love my sponsor David!” Jéssica said. “I love his letters. He likes to write long letters and I love reading his letters. I read them over and over again.”

David provides support in more ways than a monthly contribution. In his letters he gives Jéssica tips on how to interview and encouragement to pursue higher education.

“My sponsor, David, has helped me so much in my schooling,” she said. “He has guided me because he would always ask, ‘what do you want to study?'”

Jéssica is finishing her thesis in biochemical engineering and dreams of specializing in designing and testing new products.

Along with the intangible support given, David has made generous financial contributions above the monthly sponsorship to help keep Jéssica’s dreams alive.

Jéssica with her parents and younger sister.

Jéssica with her parents and younger sister.

“I use that additional money for bus fares, food, college books, photocopies, lab materials, English lessons, eyeglasses and tuition,” Jéssica explained.

Though Jéssica and her family continue to sacrifice for her schooling, she wants to give her sponsor a gift.

“I want to honor my sponsor’s effort by achieving excellent grades and graduating from college,” she said. “My effort is my humble gift for him and my parents.”

Jéssica wants to honor David’s commitment to sponsorship by helping others.

“I want to work and help somebody else reach their dreams. Just like I was helped, I want to help someone else,” she said.

The stars look a little different these days. Jéssica no longer sees them through her roof. She sees them in letters, in opportunities and in the bond created through the relationship she has with her sponsor, David.

“I thank God because he has showed me the path and he has put special people in my path,” Jéssica said. “I thank David for being part of my life; I don’t know him in person, but I know he is a great human being.”

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Alexandra Stonestreet

2 thoughts on “‘My humble gift for [my sponsor]’”

  1. I just read the blog about my “daughter.” My wife and I paid for our 3 sons to go to college and I wanted a daughter and didn’t get one so I wanted to put a “daughter” thru school. The purpose of life is to give love and I could not love Jessica more if I’d made her. College is hard and I’m proud of her, and love Unbound.

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