Dayanna, 8, from El Salvador.
Mar 9 2015

Help Dayanna find a sponsor

There’s a lot to learn about Dayanna. She’s 8 years old, lives in El Salvador, likes the color pink and playing with her sister, and she has a cat named Lunasol.

Dayanna’s in second grade and her favorite subject in school is math.

“One day, the teacher assigned as homework to write all the numbers up to 300, but I wrote until 309,” Dayanna said.

Karla, Dayanna’s mom, wants to see both her daughters graduate, but the family’s situation makes providing an education difficult.

“We try to make an effort in sending Dayanna to school,” Karla said, “but education is something that is difficult for us [to afford]. My husband works, but it isn’t enough.

“Sometimes I try to help him. I do laundry for others, sometimes I sell food to try to give something [for Dayanna’s school fees]. But it’s more difficult with two children.”

Dayanna and her family live a couple of blocks from one of Unbound’s program offices in El Salvador, and the mothers group in the area meets at a neighbor’s home.

“Close to my house they have meetings,” Dayanna said, “and that’s when I saw children in the meetings with their mothers. Every time [the mothers groups] have meetings, I go to see what they are doing.”

For Dayanna, having a sponsor would mean joining the other children as they break open piñatas at celebrations and sitting with her mom as part of a mothers group meeting instead of watching from the outside.

For Karla, the Unbound program represents the possibility of a better future for her daughter. She sees the backpacks and shoes other children receive from the program at the start of the school year, and the nutritious food and household supplies for the families. Karla sees Dayanna peering into mothers groups meetings, staying until the very end.

“Every time they have a gathering, she is there till they finish,” Karla shared. “I call her to come home, but she likes to listen and watch what they are doing during the meetings.

“I would be very thankful if my daughter could have a sponsor,” Karla continued. “It’s a tremendous help what sponsors send to children. … Sometimes we don’t have the possibilities to give what our children need.”

Editor’s Note: Since this post was published, Dayanna has been sponsored. Click here to view other children still waiting for a sponsor.

Jordan Kimbrell

Jordan Kimbrell, writer/editor
Jordan joined the Unbound family in 2011, just a few weeks after completing her masters in English: Creative Writing from Kansas State University. Jordan is constantly inspired by the hope and creativity displayed by the sponsored members and their families and loves being able to share their stories with the rest of the world.

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