Feb 4 2015

Thank a Mailman Day: A letter’s journey

Today in the United States we celebrate mail carriers and thank them for their work. In honor of this day, we’d like to say thank you to all those in the U.S. and around the world who help deliver and send mail to and from sponsored friends. Because of you, relationships grow and friendships are formed. Thanks for all of your hard work!

To celebrate today, we’d like to give you a look behind the scenes at a letter’s journey from your sponsored friend. It all starts with a piece of paper and pencil …


Shirisha, a sponsored child in India.

Your sponsored friend writes you a letter.

Unbound staff member

In Antipolo, Philippines, letters are prepared for delivery.

On your sponsored friend’s next visit to the project office, he or she will pass off the letter to be sorted and translated if necessary. In some areas, letters are collected at mothers group meetings or staff members will organize a letter-writing day for sponsored friends.

In some project offices, letters are photocopied for record keeping.

Unbound staff member

After your letter has been sorted, translated and copied, it is prepared for delivery. Letters are grouped by area and placed in large packets, which are mailed to our headquarters in Kansas City.


Once the letters are ready, the staffers bundle them and take them to the post office where they are sent air mail to the United States.

Unbound staff member

Once letters arrive at Unbound headquarters, they are opened and sorted into bins.

Unbound staff member

Letters are then scanned one by one. We scan letters to print out the mailing labels and keep track of how many letters each child sends a year.


After they are scanned, letters are placed back in the bins to be addressed and mailed.

Unbound volunteers

Volunteers come into our office a few days a week to stuff letters. After a letter is placed in its envelope, it’s on its way to your mailbox.

The whole process can take six to eight weeks or sometimes longer. If you’d rather not go to the post office, visit our website and send an eLetter to your sponsored friend. No postage necessary!

3 thoughts on “Thank a Mailman Day: A letter’s journey”

  1. No wonder it takes so long. Now I understand why I don’t really get responses to my letters. It takes months each way.

  2. Wow, it takes a lot of people to transfer these letters. My appreciation goes out to everyone, especially the volunteers for giving their time.

  3. Thank you for the interesting journey of a letter. I can now explain to one of my sponsored children why it takes so long to receive a letter. I thank all the volunteers for their hard work. We are truly blessed to have you.

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