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Feb 9 2015

Moving forward with Education support

Education is at the heart of everything Unbound does. For children in the Unbound community, education is a road out of poverty.

Unbound’s Education support helps students stay in school when it becomes financially impossible to continue. Small contributions can go a long way. What may seem like a minor obstacle may be the deciding factor between a student dropping out and staying in school.

Rosa, from Guatemala, faced a decision about dropping out shortly after entering middle school.

Sitting in her humble living room on old car seats covered in blankets, she recounted her story.

“My mother could not afford my education,” she said. “Our financial reality was obstructing my dreams.”

Rosa’s mother is a strong woman and the sole provider for her family. She works to support her two children still living at home and her husband, who has suffered from an illness for more than 16 years.

In 2012, Rosa and her mother heard about the Education support offered through Unbound.

“I can’t explain to you how excited I got when I found out that I was accepted in the program,” Rosa said.

The support Rosa receives helps her cover the costs of yearly school tuition, books and school supplies.

“This is my final year to become a teacher,” Rosa said. “I hope that my story can inspire you to support other students who are fighting to break the chains of poverty.”

Help aspiring students like Rosa achieve their dreams. Donate to Education today.

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