Jan 28 2015

‘It’s hard because it’s worth it’


Diego, a sponsored youth and scholarship recipient in Costa Rica.

Diego faced many challenges when he decided to go to college and study teaching. Classes were far from home, and transportation costs as well as food and education fees began to add up. Although difficult, Diego stuck with it.

“I kept telling myself, ‘this is hard because it is worth it. It will be fruitful someday,'” Diego said.

Diego is a 23-year-old Costa Rican, as well as a sponsored youth through Unbound.

In addition to his sponsorship, he received a scholarship through Unbound Education, which helped him economically throughout his schooling.

Diego recalls Unbound as a fundamental pillar for his education since the family only had to cover a few extra things for Diego to study.

“Ever since I [can] remember, [Unbound] has been there supporting me, not only in my studies but in my human side, to be able to socialize with others through the outings and activities we enjoyed,” Diego said.

Diego and his family live on a farm, away from the city. His father is a farmhand and his mother is a homemaker. His parents did not have much in the way of finances and struggled to pay for educations for their children. Despite challenges, Diego did not let poverty affect his mindset.

“[Poverty] made me realize … that I could study and help myself and my family,” he said. “At that time we had a hard financial situation but I told myself, ‘this is not going to limit me to grow as much as any other.'”

Diego looks forward to becoming a teacher. As a confident young man who feels comfortable in front of an audience, he sees this career choice as a way to work for change in the school, his neighborhood and all of society.

He dreams of one day buying a home for his parents, so they can have their own place when they are older with amenities near him and the city. He said he wants this for them because of all the support they have given him throughout his life.

“For myself, I do not dream of great material things,” Diego said. “I don’t dream of wealth but instead to be happy with those around me. To be able to do what I do and know that I am helping someone.”

Your support for Unbound Education helps students like Diego attend school, which otherwise might not be possible. Donate to Unbound Education and help make a dream come true.

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