Brick makers
Dec 3 2014

Building a better life, brick by brick

Henry and Prossy

Henry and Prossy from Uganda

The ability to read and write opens doors both inside and outside the classroom. Communication connects the world and knowledge is arguably the most life-changing gift one can give.

But for Ugandan parents Henry and Prossy, it was nearly impossible to support the educational needs of their six children.

The family relied on raising animals for an often meager income. Henry was also able to pick up occasional jobs at construction sites, but this wasn’t a reliable source of income. The family’s earnings were not enough to properly educate their children.

In Unbound communities around the world, however, the lives of families are transformed by the sponsorship of even one of their children.

After visiting an Unbound program office, Henry and Prossy’s son Lawrence was sponsored. Through sponsorship, Lawrence was not only able to go to school but also received food for his family.

Over time, with support from Unbound and their own hard work, the family was able to save money and start their own business. Based on the needs of the growing community, Henry and Prossy decided to make and sell bricks, gathering the raw materials from a mine near their home.

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Even though it’s a physically demanding job, Henry and Prossy both contribute. She kneads the brick mixture with her hands and feet and he shapes the mixture into a brick. They work together to arrange the bricks once they are completed.


Henry and Prossy work hard to send their children to school.

“Our dreams for our children [are] to see them lead a better life than we have,” Henry said. “We want them to get the best education so that they can have access to good jobs. My motivation in life comes from the great desire to see my family lead a good and happy life.”

Bricks that helped construct homes brought hope to their family and became the building blocks of a new life.

Through the Unbound program, help is not only provided for immediate needs, but also for the future, helping families, like Henry and Prossy’s, build sustainable livelihoods. In this way, Unbound helps families improve their prospects for the future while meeting the day-to-day necessities.

Help parents build better futures for their children. Sponsor today.

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