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Dec 19 2014

6 reasons you should write letters

Sponsor a child

Madala in India reads a letter from her sponsor.

Each year Unbound sponsors receive at least two letters and a Christmas card from the person they sponsor. But not as many letters go the other way.

There are lots of reasons for not sending a letter. Not knowing what to say (here are some useful tips), international postage can be a hassle (did you know you can send eLetters?), or maybe life is just plain hectic.

To counter that, here are six reasons from Unbound staff and sponsors on why you should be writing letters.

1. “Each day I communicate in an overwhelming number of ways: social networks, texts, emails, phone calls. However, nothing brightens my day like receiving a little piece of news from one of my sponsored friends in a faraway country. I write because I want them to have the same experience.” — Ellen Edgar, project specialist

2. “I write because it allows me to feel closer to this little Filipino girl on the other side of the world. She tells me about her life, and I tell her about mine. And, she asked if she could call me ‘Mommy Clair.’ Who could say no to that?!” — Clair Paul, volunteer coordinator

3. “I write to maintain a strong connection with my sponsored friend’s family. I love to read about how they are all doing and it makes me happy to know that they are OK!” — Leslie Hernandez, communications liaison lead

4. “It’s a wonderful feeling when I receive a letter from my sponsored child. I love the anticipation of what my letter will entail and finding out more from Dylan and his family. I encourage more sponsors to write and build a beautiful relationship with someone you might not otherwise know outside of Unbound.” — Nicole Miller, support specialist

5. “You get from [sponsorship] what you put in to it. The relationship is the bigger piece than the money. … I encourage everyone to write.” — David Scarpello, Unbound sponsor

6. “My sponsored friends enter my mind many times during my daily activities. When I write to them, it’s a tangible way for them to know ‘I was thinking about you today.’” — Claudia Stapley, child move coordinator

Why do you write letters? Share a comment below, or join the conversation on our Facebook page.

Jordan Kimbrell

Jordan Kimbrell, writer/editor
Jordan joined the Unbound family in 2011, just a few weeks after completing her masters in English: Creative Writing from Kansas State University. Jordan is constantly inspired by the hope and creativity displayed by the sponsored members and their families and loves being able to share their stories with the rest of the world.

2 thoughts on “6 reasons you should write letters”

  1. We love getting letters from our sponsored children. every night when we call our daughters in college, we read a different letter from one of our sponsored kiddos. It’s fun to know what is going on with them. When we read their letters then we know what to write back. They always ask questioins. I ask them what books they are reading and then tell them about what I am reading. Sometimes I send them stories. Then when we go on Unbound Mission Awareness trips, we already have a connection. And of course, more things to write about.

  2. I want our sponsored friends to feel more than the financial support that we provide for them. We write them often, to remind them that they are truly in our thoughts and prayers on a daily basis. Our young boy from Peru refers to me as his “Godmother”. What a blessing!

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