Unbound Awareness Trip
Oct 10 2014

Communities of joy abound in Costa Rica

By Nicole Miller, support specialist for Unbound

Recently Nicole Miller traveled to Costa Rica on an awareness trip. Nicole has worked for Unbound for 10 years, and this was her first time visiting an Unbound program office. She shared with us her experiences during the trip.

I recently had the privilege of going to Costa Rica for my first field experience through Unbound. My mom, who also works for Unbound, joined me for this adventure.

I was full of nerves and excitement for my first trip overseas. I was ready to experience the culture of the Costa Rican communities and meet my sponsored child, Dylan, for the first time since I started sponsoring a year ago. Dylan is 8, in the second grade and still learning to read and write, so I write to his mother, Evelyn, until he can write for himself.

On the second day of the trip we were visiting the Heredia community. While listening to different mothers groups, I realized that I was surrounded by families who, though living in poverty, were so full of joy and happiness.

These mothers were so grateful for the sponsorship that helps their children attend school, giving them an opportunity to find their dreams for themselves and their families. My heart started to melt with all the emotions from the smiling faces and powerful words coming from the mothers.

Throughout the trip we saw many communities and made home visits. It was a lot to take in.

On the last day of the trip I was sitting in the common area watching the video the staff had put together from the week’s events, with music from Unbound’s late co-founder Bob Hentzen drifting from the speakers, and I felt this sudden sadness. It hit me that I would be leaving this beautiful country and wouldn’t be able to interact with the staff, the sponsors on the trip or the local families.

What I took from this trip is the overwhelming love I experienced from the sponsors and the families. We are truly all in this together in this world of compassion. Seeing the joy when the sponsors saw their sponsored friends for the first time (or the second or third), you could tell how much they enjoyed their relationships with each other.

It doesn’t matter where you are from or where you are raised, we are all the same people at heart.

Find your own adventure. Visit unbound.org/trips for more info.

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  1. Nicole, reading about your experience brought back memories of my visit to Costa Rica 2 years ago to meet my sponsored child. You summed up my emotions exactly! Thanks for sharing.

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