Sep 15 2014

Share your Unbound Selfie


Unbound staff members take a group selfie with their sponsored friends’ photos.

Do you or your kids take selfies? Take one on September 21st for our first Unbound Selfie Day!

Snap a photo of you with your sponsored friend. Then, post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the social media channel of your choice.

When you share your picture, add the hashtag #UnboundSelfie and tag Unbound if you can, so other Unbound supporters can easily see your photo, and you can see other #UnboundSelfie photos.

If you don’t feel comfortable getting in front of the camera, then share a photo of your sponsored friend. Please only use your sponsored friend’s first name. See our privacy and child protection policy for more information.

Why do we ask you to participate? Because it’s a great way for you to help raise awareness of Unbound and recognize our sponsored friends who are working hard to build paths out of poverty. By participating and spreading the word, you can help even more children, youth and elderly find sponsors.

We may even share your photo on the Unbound social media channels.

Plus, this is the perfect opportunity for you to log on to your Unbound online account and upload your selfie. Then, you can say a few words or just send the photo in an eLetter to your sponsored friend. Your sponsored friend will enjoy it!

If you’re not a sponsor, that’s OK. You can still share an #UnboundSelfie. Make an Unbound sign and snap a photo with it. Be creative and have fun.

Don’t forget, Unbound Selfie Day is on September 21st!

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