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Aug 15 2014

Gratitude from the cabbage patch

Diamondra, a sponsored child from Madagascar

Diamondra wears the new dress she received for her birthday.

By Barclay Martin, new channels coordinator

Recently Barclay Martin traveled to Madagascar to record a CD with sponsored members and their families. On the trip, he also visited several sponsored members’ homes. This is the story of one of those visits.

By Barclay Martin, new channels coordinator

Rain fell steadily today in Antsirabe, and as we staggered on our way down mud-slicked cobblestones, we heard a voice call out to us.

“You’re from Unbound, please come visit my home!”

Henri was so happy to see us in his neighborhood, and he wasted no time in sharing how much it meant to him that his daughter, Diamondra, received new clothes through Unbound for her birthday. He ran straight to his garden and cut the best six heads of cabbage in his patch to give us as a gift.

As soon as we climbed the stairs to their home, Diamondra, who’s been sponsored since 2012, sat with us and her proud parents showed us her grades.

“She’s third in her class,” her dad beamed.

One of the perks of being a part of the Unbound community is that I often receive gratitude from sponsored members on behalf of our generous sponsors. I also get to hear how it changes each family situation.

Diamondra’s mother, Jeaninne, sat next to her daughter on the bed and said, “I want to thank Unbound for giving us hope. Now we have hope for our children.”

We sat with the family in their modest, one-room home, asking them about their experience being a part of Unbound. In addition to new clothes, Diamondra now attends a good school and has access to better health care — an expense that before had often been beyond the reach of her parents.

Her father leaned in and asked me, “Can you bring a cabbage home for Diamondra’s sponsor?”

I told them it might be difficult to bring a cabbage back with me, so we decided to do the next best thing: take a picture.

Before taking the photo, Diamondra’s mother combed her daughter’s hair and asked her to put on the new red dress she received as a birthday present.

They sent us on our way with the six magnificent heads of cabbage from their garden. I left their home with an intense feeling of gratitude for having met them.

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