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Aug 22 2014

Can I get mailing labels through email?

Ask Sponsor Services

Q: I’m all out of mailing labels. Can I get them emailed to me?

A: One of the most common requests heard in Sponsor Services is for more mailing labels.

Sponsors may know they can contact Sponsor Services to request more labels, but what many don’t know is that we can email the mailing labels as well.

Sending the mailing labels by email has a number of benefits. Aside from being much faster than regular mail (almost instantaneous), using email helps reduce the amount of paper being used and is a more eco-friendly choice. It’s also more cost-effective, as it saves postage and material costs. You can also save the email and reuse the mailing information whenever you write your sponsored friend.

Contact our Sponsor Services team at (800) 875-6564 or to request mailing labels by email.

4 thoughts on “Can I get mailing labels through email?”

  1. I didn’t receive a confirmation notice that my eLetter was actually sent. How do I know if it actually was accepted by Unbound and will be sent to my Friend.

    Sherrill Urban

    1. Dear Sherrill,

      Thank you for using our eLetter feature and for writing to your sponsored friend. To find out if your eLetter was sent successfully, login to your Sponsorship account and click on the “My sponsorships” link at the top of the page. Next, scroll down to the eLetter template and you will see a link in red to the right that reads “My sent eLetters.” Click on this link and it will show you a list of the eLetters you have sent your friend. Your most recent eLetter should appear on this list. If you have any further questions, feel free to call us at (800) 875-6564.

      Thanks again,

      Christina Panagakos
      Phone Team Manager

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