Sponsor and sponsored family
Jul 9 2014

Minnesota sponsor learns about true happiness

Sponsor and sponsored child

David Ziegler and his sponsored friend, Mimi, give a thumbs up to David’s 2006 visit to Guatemala.

“After meeting Mimi and her family my life was different. I learned it doesn’t take much to be happy. Edgar’s family had next to nothing but had the biggest smiles.” —David Ziegler, Minnesota

At 17, David Ziegler had the opportunity to travel with a church group to build a school in Guatemala. He wasn’t expecting to build a friendship that is still growing eight years later.

Read more about David’s journey.

One thought on “Minnesota sponsor learns about true happiness”

  1. Re: David’s Story.
    What a beautiful accounting of your journey to Guatemala. I’m moved and impressed that such a young person has great compassion for a little girl and her family. I too have a little boy in Guatemala and it brings me so much joy to know that I can help to make his life a little better. His letters make me happy and, like you, David, I am amazed at the happiness that these beautiful people in Guatemala, who have so little, are able to experience in their lives. Thank you for your story.
    Joyce Adams

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