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Jun 27 2014

Meet Neha, Mateo and Daphine: Three kids who need sponsors

At Unbound, sponsorship helps children go to school, have healthy diets and improves the living situation for the entire family.
But it’s more than just tangible goods.

Sponsorship also creates a one-to-one connection between the sponsor and the sponsored friend. They get to know one another through notes and photos, and the sponsor gets to see how sponsorship impacts the sponsored friend’s life.

Neha, Mateo and Daphine are all waiting to start that connection.

Help us find sponsors for these three kids. Share this post on social media and let’s get them sponsored.

Sponsor a child
Meet Neha

Favorite pastime, hobby or talent: dancing

Favorite school subject: Hindi

Birthday: May 10, 2004

Neha is 10 years old and lives in India. She enjoys dancing. She’s an excellent student and is among the top 10 in her class. Neha is the eldest of six siblings. Her parents are working hard to ensure their children receive a higher education than they were able to achieve. Neha’s mother is a housewife. Her father works as a farmer and daily laborer. He finds it very difficult to provide for the many needs of his family.

Sponsor Neha

(Editors note: After this blog post was published, Neha found a sponsor.)

Sponsor a child
Meet Mateo

Favorite pastime, hobby or talent: playing football and with toy cars

Favorite school subject: drawing, painting and singing

Birthday: Sept. 15, 2009

Mateo is 4 years old and lives in Colombia. He is very friendly, loving and talkative. At home, he helps his mother with simple chores like putting shoes away. Mateo has two older brothers. His parents are attentive, always setting clear rules for their children. Everyone lives together in a single, adobe room. Mateo’s father works as a grain carrier, but he doesn’t earn a stable income.

Sponsor Mateo
(Editors note: After this blog post was published, Mateo found a sponsor.)

Sponsor a child in Africa
Meet Daphine

Favorite pastime, hobby or talent: playing dodgeball

Favorite school subject: reading and math

Birthday: July 17, 2004

Daphine is 9 years old and lives in Uganda. She loves to sing and dance. She likes getting her friends together to form a choir and perform. Daphine, her parents and two of her three siblings are living at her grandfather’s house. It’s a mud hut and they’re trying to repair the damage it’s sustained over the years. Daphine’s mother and father are both farmers. They depend on seasonal crops, such as cassava for their family’s nutrition, as well as an income. They also raise poultry and pigs for some additional earnings

Sponsor Daphine

(Editors note: After this blog post was published, Daphine found a sponsor.)

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