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Jun 18 2014

Embracing humility

By Regina Mburu, communications liaison for Unbound in Africa

The best moments in my journey with Unbound have been those spent with the families in their homes, talking and interacting.

I see a sparkle shining brightly in the eyes of the children I have had the pleasure to meet and talk to as they share with me their dreams and hopes for the future.

“When I grow up, I would like to board an airplane and go to America and become as famous as Lupita Nyongo,” said Cecilia, a little girl I met on one of my field visits.

It is through the eyes of children like Cecilia that I find my own strength.

The families I meet in the course of my work live in poverty. Their houses are small, and accessibility to proper sanitation is a huge challenge, not to mention the daily hustle to get food on the table as well as meet other basic needs.

With warm hugs and handshakes, they allow me in to their world.

Many are the times I get overwhelmed during the visits. The love from the families, their willingness to share what they have with me, touches my heart. In our African tradition, a guest visiting a home is held with high esteem; a guest is greatly revered and the host will treat them exceptionally well.

In the world today, richness is measured in terms of the material wealth one has, but in my eyes, because of interactions with the families we serve, I have learned that true wealth lies in a kind spirit. A wise man once said, “Many people are so poor that the only thing they have is money.”

I have learned the meaning of humility and meekness. I have learned to appreciate what I have in my life, and most of all, I have learned that you do not have to own so much to be happy. Contentment in the little things is all that counts.

In a world full of misplaced priorities, hatred and self-centeredness, I have found calm in Unbound.

It is the sparkle I see in the children’s eyes, the happiness on their mothers’ faces and the appreciation from their fathers that make me be proud to be part of Unbound. Working together and walking together with the families we serve has humbled me.

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4 thoughts on “Embracing humility”

  1. this brought tears to my eyes…thank you for sharing your reflection. It was simply beautiful. God bless you!

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