2014 Unbound blogger trip
Jun 2 2014

Day 1: Adventures ahead for a one-of-a-kind blogger trip

2014 Unbound blogger trip

The bloggers prepare for their first day of travel and adventure in El Salvador.

This trip is no ordinary blogger trip. Just like the Unbound program provides personalized benefits for each sponsored friend’s specific needs, each writer has a personalized itinerary for the week.

By Victoria Brown, social media coordinator at Unbound

The blogger trip team made it to El Salvador!

After a long day of traveling, with flights departing around 6 and 7 a.m., we finally arrived in a hot and humid San Salvador, El Salvador. Our sleepy eyes quickly widened when we stepped outside of the airport. It was finally real. We were in El Salvador for Unbound’s first blogger trip.

We were immediately given great big hugs by Henry Flores, director of the Unbound Communications Center in El Salvador. He was grinning, ear to ear, excited to see us. He’s been working extremely hard to plan and host this one-of-a-kind trip.

You see, during typical awareness trips with Unbound, participants stay together most of the day and go from activity to activity as a group. But this trip is different. Just like the Unbound program provides personalized benefits for each sponsored friend’s specific needs, each writer has a personalized itinerary for the week.

Each day, the group will travel together to a community in El Salvador, but then we will split up and visit different people to learn about their challenges, hopes and dreams. No two writers will visit the same family.

Here are just a few sneak previews:

Ali Ebright will meet a mom and help her cook a meal for her family, using local ingredients.

Rachel Balducci will visit a family of five who has running water but no container to store it. They use an old refrigerator body to collect water.

Paula Kiger will visit a young boy who’s been waiting for a sponsor since 2012. She’ll learn firsthand the impact that sponsorship through Unbound can have on him and his family once he is sponsored.

Marty Denzer will meet an Unbound scholarship student who is studying hard in college. The student attends college all week, and he works as a cook on the weekends.

Kristin Littrell will visit a mom raising five children on her own. Two of the children are sponsored through Unbound.

And on one of the days this week, I will visit a mom who learned to make jewelry, scarves and purses to sell in neighboring towns to earn an income.

But again, these are just a few of the things on the itinerary. There are a lot of stories from this unique trip that will be shared throughout this week and the weeks to come. I hope you’ll follow along at unbound.org/bloggers.

One thought on “Day 1: Adventures ahead for a one-of-a-kind blogger trip”

  1. You are in good hands with Henry’s guidance. Enjoy beautiful El Salvador and it’s beautiful people. It was on a MAT there that we came to the realization that we could branch off on our own to build homes for the poor and also bring much needed clothing. Thanks to Henry and Unbound our lives began to follow a wonderful new journey in our lives. I promise you your lives will never be the same and all the richer because of this trip.

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