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Apr 16 2014

What have the poor done for me?


By Henry Flores, director of the Unbound Communications Center in El Salvador

A friend sent me a message on Facebook, which read, “Congratulations for what you do for those most in need.”

This made me ask myself, “What do I do for the poor and what is it that they do for me?”

What the poor do for me can’t be measured.


Because it’s not tangible — it’s bigger than that. The poor are …

– An endless spring of faith and hope. Even when their reality makes them think no hope exists for them.

– Teachers. They teach me that one does not need much to enjoy this ride called life. Even when I sometimes think they can’t be happy having so little.

– Lights that shine on this world with pure laughter. Even when I’ve labeled them as “the suffering marginalized.”

They have inspired amazing musical expressions around the world, which I have enjoyed with friends, wine and conversation.
They make a party out of so little, and I need so much to make a little party.

They are happy with the rooster crowing in the morning and the light of a candle as they prepare to contemplate the sunrise from their fields, while I do the same but with the eagerness of the news, my appointments and traffic.

So, what do I do for the poor?

Anything I do is small in comparison to what they do for me, but one thing I am sure of is that I thank them for offering me their true friendship without expecting anything back.

For opening their homes to me, for their life of testimony of faith and hope, and the extraordinary gift of offering me their heart because they are capable of loving with no limits. They love until it hurts.

Thank you, my Facebook friend, for helping me recognize the greatness of those often called “most in need.”

3 thoughts on “What have the poor done for me?”

  1. Very well put Henry. I hope to make another trip to El Salvador in the near future. Peace and have a blessed Holy Week.

  2. What an inspiring story that has left me with so many questions.For sure what is it that they do for me? Thanks Henry

  3. Dear Henry,
    How wonderful lesson you shared with us. So touchy, just real. I feel that it’s what those souls have taught to all of us. How lucky to be amongst them, to be able to share recordings of their warm, bright, smiles and their giggling.
    May God pour out abundant blessing upon you and your lovely family

    Querido Henry,
    Qué maravillosa lección la que has compartido con nosotros. Tan conmoverdora, muy real. Siento que lo que escribiste es lo que esas almas nos han enseñado a todos nosotros. Que suerte el estar tan cerca de ellos para poder compartir en las grabaciones sus cálidas y brillantes sonrisas y sus risillas.
    Dios derrame abundantes bendiciones sobre tí y tu encantadora familia.

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