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Apr 16 2014

India can be a dangerous place to be a girl

Students on their way to school in Suryapet, India.

Students on their way to school in Suryapet, India.

Unbound believes in empowering women. Our mothers groups began in India and now help women around the world gain vital financial support, education and confidence. We encourage all efforts in India to keep women and girls safe so that they may continue to drive positive change in their communities. Help us.

By Dan Pearson, director of international programs at Unbound

India can be a dangerous place to be a girl.

Rape, abuse, dowry customs, child labor and infanticide are part of a tragic legacy in this country that is also full of bright minds and a rich cultural heritage.

The savage gang rape of a young woman unfortunate enough to ride the wrong bus in New Delhi 18 months ago took women’s rights to the streets where thousands marched on the presidential palace.

India’s important national elections being held over the next few weeks will tell us whether the outcry will lead to any significant change.

I hope so. But I have my doubts.

Yes, all of the main political parties announced big plans to make India safer for women, or at least outlaw the harshest forms of brutality against them. But what happens after the elections will tell the story.

Whichever party wins the election will be under pressure to improve a lagging economy and deal with government corruption. My fear is that all the rhetoric regarding women’s rights will fade away with little or no significant action.

Even if bold new laws are passed, it could be generations before the effects take root in the complicated caste systems, rural areas and impoverished communities.

At Unbound (formerly known as CFCA) we don’t want to wait for that.

In 2008 we began working in Suryapet, a marginalized community outside of Hyderabad.

We found that many families in the community were selling their baby girls to adoption centers because they simply could not afford to raise them. When the government learned of this practice and began to crack down, families stopped selling their baby girls, but some also stopped feeding them. Several baby girls starved to death. The remedy was even worse than the original problem.

The approach our organization takes in India is to work with individual women and families, giving them the regular financial and social support they will need for what looks to be a long journey toward gender justice. We challenge cultural norms by encouraging families to educate their girl children, and we help mothers to become an organized force in the community so that they can become the primary agents of the changes they wish to see.

Once they had been organized into small groups, the mothers of Suryapet created solutions to safety issues and helped each other launch small businesses with microloans. Today the mothers in our program are not only keeping their daughters safe and healthy but also sending them to school.

Two girls in Suryapet walk together to school.

Two girls in Suryapet walk together to school.

Husbands and fathers change their views when they begin to discover the economic potential of their wives and daughters. Their views change even more when they discover the political clout of women who have become an organized force in the community. The boys of Suryapet are now being raised in a community atmosphere that values the dignity of all people.

Unbound sponsors nearly 30,000 children in India today, creating this same type of impact on thousands of families and communities. By no means would we say we have this problem all figured out, but we’re encouraged by the impact of these courageous women.

A grass-roots approach to gender justice will change the story for many girls in India, regardless of the outcome of the current elections.

Dan Pearson, director of international programs at Unbound

Dan Pearson, director of international programs at Unbound

93 thoughts on “India can be a dangerous place to be a girl”

  1. I too disagree to the stupid stereotype created with this news. I am 32 years of age and have spent 22 years of my life , growing up in North India. I work for a reputable bank here in Aus, I got all the opportunities to get educated and shine in life. I have been out till late doing shopping, meeting friends without any fear of being raped. I have travelled alone within cities ( on public transport) as young girl to help my father with his business. I was the right hand of my father, due to the fact that there was no one else to help him. And never, I mean never I have faced situations where I was in fear of being killed, molested or raped!!! I don’t know where these authors find such theories!! Look around, you will find a big number of Indian descent girls and women, educated and working in white collar sector…..I guess it proves my point.

    1. I find it so interesting that so many people on this thread here are so annoyed at this article….accusing them of spreading lies and stereotypes, but on the same token admit they no longer live in India. If India is so great for women then why didn’t you stay there??? Furthermore, I am sure you haven’t traveled to all areas and know all corners of what the poor experience there. You are the elite…and if you are now a software engineer…good for you. But now give back to your country where people need help and don’t worry about how the message “women in India need help” reflects on you.

      1. @ steena you are correct. There is an elite in India who can get educated and go abroad where life is just simpler. I am one of them. I am a physician here but could not be one in India. Not because I am female but because I am not intelligent enough to get thru Med school in India. Here it’s a breeze and life is so much simpler and easier here and less competitive. Having said that I also agree with you that there is a vast proportion of Indian living below the poverty line and the females are at risk. Sadly the men who attack the girls are boys who were molested or attacked also. Violence begets violence. We need to nip the problem in the bud by getting to the youngsters and educations them. It is a vast country with a deep rooted culture and societal rules and customs. Sadly a huge challenge. All the while producing intelligent educated and strong women, despite this issue. India is an incredible country, a very ancient culture and quite naturally has its fair share of challenges like any other country. I am off to Haiti to do a week of medical work. Trying to do my small part for this world.

  2. Hi,
    I born and brought up in india and now I am software developer . I got all the freedom and education. I am working in foreign from last 10 years and I see mostly indian girls as software developer in any company i have worked. so pls stop spreading this fake message.

  3. Absolutely right . there are sadist males as well as females who make their spouses lives not only hell but miserable to the extent of driving them to commit suicide or abandon the family .

  4. I am born and bought up in India.I strongly disagree with this stereotype image of my country.I got all the rights and freedom since my childhood.
    Now I am living overseas and for ur kinda information I am still not feeling safe in this developed country to roam around alone at midnight.Therefore,for God sake stop spreading these false and pernicious information about India

  5. There are hundreds of thousands of Black boys are in jail in America and there are many teenage girls become pregnant and single mother . Go help them first.

    1. There is no comparison in this country with what the children in India can be subject to. And helping them doesn’t mean we can’t also help those in our own country.

  6. I contend that it is even more dangerous if you are a boy. There is a huge public empathy gap, here in India and elsewhere in the world when it comes to gender. There are equal, if not more, numbers of boys who are abused. They just suffer in silence because even if they talk about it, no one cares. They are just supposed to grin and bear it. The media only sensationalizes female victims of abuse that leads everyone to assume or believe that boys do not suffer similar, if not more abuse than young girls. What’s more, when these same boys grow up, raping them is not even against the law. Check out IPC section 375 that defines rape in terms of a female victim and a male perpetrator. With all the false cases under section 498A, gendered laws like section 354 (Sexual Harassment) and domestic violence act of 2005 that only protects women, a man in India can be sexually harassed at work, raped in the streets, emotionally, physically, verbally and sexually abused by his wife, striped of his fundamental human rights of presumption of innocence and rights to due process and it is all legal!! You will realize when you live here as an ordinary male citizen, that this is no country for men.

  7. India like any other country can be a dangerous place to be an anybody (not just a girl) if you are poor, illiterate, disempowered by religion or your culture or by the darker side of human nature.

    British and American (and Australian) feminists have embarked on a campaign using local women to make India the ‘poster boy’ of everything that’s wrong with gender balance.

    Yahoo has a special mandate from several women’s groups from the west to run at least one Indian ‘woman being abused’ story from India a day. Check Yahoo for that. what they don’t say is that women often are abusers of other women too especially with the upper caste and ‘educated career’ women abusing their maids and others below them.

    What Yahoo and these other media outlets from the west and their feminist story tellers also do n the process is to obscure the truth with their abuses. In the US FBI statistics in 2013 show over 60,000 sexual abuse cases were reported on their campuses alone. What occurred and went unreported outside campus could have been double that figure. That does not feature daily with Yahoo.

    If we are to cure the problem of gender inequality we cannot take our lead from the west. Particularly their feminists who treat Indian women in the US, Australia and UK poorly.

    Lets look after our women and children regardless of their gender because they are ours, they are human and they are deserving of respect. Not by western standards. They have none

    And Boycott Yahoo till they bring some balance to this issue!

  8. New York, Chicago and London each see more rapes per day than the whole of India. It’s very well to help the girls in India but it might be a tad more honest to go to the south side of town in the nearest western city and help out the black and hispanic girls, not to mention the preteens being groomed in the UK.

    1. Could not agree more with you. Western “Feminists” are the worst discriminators in the west. They discriminate against women of colour believing these are lesser beings than themselves.

      In Australia it is the White Australia Policy all over again wearing skirts this time round.

  9. This article seems to make a mountain out of a molehill.. The very diverse culture and population in india , makes it a unique case that can be studied, but statistically it is still far better than most developed countries, including the USA where I know 20 % of college going kids are raped.. It is a shame that nearly 30% of kids born in the USA are bastards and we do NOT have any moral superiority to delve in such writing except to get some charity money to pay for the executives of such organizations. We have to live up to the words of not throwing the stone when we ourselves are a sinner.

  10. Christian Foundation for Children and Aging is unbound now. I can understand why they are so keen on portraying Indian men as monsters. 75% of the Indians are Hindus. These christian missionaries want to break families by forcing the people to suppress symptoms but not the real cause. These Christian missionaries wants kids in orphanages. That is their ultimate goal.

    Does atrocities against women happen only in India? The issues depicted here is not a female issue alone. Which father, brother, grandfather, uncle wants to see their daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece mistreated? Also men are not the only perpetrators against women. In dowry cases, bride suicide etc it is mostly mother in law the perpetrator.

    Just by blaming indian men, the issue is not going to get solved. The author puts symptoms. But the author don’t have the courage to list the real issues.

    1. At Unbound, we partner with families to help end poverty around the world. We work with people of all faith traditions. We strive to serve as a gentle, healing presence and a source of dialogue between people of diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

      We agree that blaming Indian men is not going to solve the problem and that is not what we have done. The blog post describes the work Unbound does in India and how we are partnering with families to be a part of the solution.

      As the post notes, “The approach our organization takes in India is to work with individual women and families, giving them the regular financial and social support they will need for what looks to be a long journey toward gender justice. We challenge cultural norms by encouraging families to educate their girl children, and we help mothers to become an organized force in the community so that they can become the primary agents of the changes they wish to see.”

      Thank you for participating in this very important conversation.

      1. “India can be a dangerous place to be a girl” is the title. It does imply that Indian men rape girls in India. This is misleading and exploitation.

        Let me tell you one thing. I been constantly watching how the so called charities are making money by using poverty in India as an excuse. How many rapes happen in US and UK which are reported and not reported? How many male gender mutiliation happen in India? How many kids are used for begging?

        The CEO and management of charitable institutions take a big salary. Their aim is to get donations from western women. They know it is so easy to lure feminist and innoccent western women into donating because they don’t question anything. They don’t question the prevailing rape to population ration in US and India. They don’t question the prevailing living standard of basic necessities for all gender in India. They don’t know why men are not able to protect women from these circumstances in India. They don’t know about a prevailing rape culture in the whole world especially in Europe and US. They don’t know they are being exploited.

        At least for the sake of this article can you post the salary of the top officials in unbound aka Christian Foundation for for Children and Aging ? You collect $30 per child or aged. How much of that $30 actually reaches the needed? Please explain with proof.

        What I found is here. Gail McGovern is Red Cross president and CEO and is paid $500,000 a year. Similar exorbitant salaries are paid to top officials of salvation army, united way etc. So the question to you is how much is your top officials salary. If it yours is a charity institution everybody need to know about it. Please speak up.

        I grown up in Kerala India. Like other places in India it is safe place for my wife, sister and mother. After coming to US we found more crime in US against women and men. Can somebody go out in any of the city centers called downtown in Chicago, Dallas etc after 2AM at night? When an Indian women done the same in India it became a big issue? Criminals are after women everywhere in the world. It is not just in India. Infact your beloved US presidents were using women to satisfy the sexual appetite of soldiers and CIA agents. Why there is no stopping of rapes in US jail? Why rape cases in US and UK are in rise? When whenever is scam is exposed against Prince Andrew the media is trying to suppress the news by raising rape culture against India.

        The leaders in colonist countries are the one who raped innocent women and children. Shame on you on helping these top management exploit you. You should be doing something worthwhile. These false sense of importance in giving charity is being exploited by you as well as your management.

        Just see how a bishop in Kerala is getting paid from where and with what. A normal person who is living in western country is doing 2 or 3 jobs. Your church is forcing these poor people to donate to sufferers in poor countries. But does the sufferers actually get it? They get less than 15% of the donation. If they could do something they would have first stopped the wars going on. But they don’t. Instead they are sending innocent people like you to non-Christian majority countries under the title saviours. In Goa state of India there is the remains of a true Christian St Xavier who was the real saviour. Go and see his body which is still intact. Why no other Christians are able to get into the same state as St Xavier did? Does that show that todays Christianity is different from St Xavier’s and christ”s Christianity?. Does it prove that there is a gap which the pope’s are not able to fill? I am a Hindu. But I was taught about Bible and knows how Quran, bible and manusmrithy are misinterpreted by people like you.

        To know bible experience, live by not being a puppet. Ask questions and figure out the salary of your management. Break from the traditions and inhibitions. Enjoy in selfless service of the poor and needy. But not by creating an empire of frauds and scams knowingly or unknowingly.

        1. Responsible, transparent financial management is a hallmark of Unbound. Our stewardship report, annual audit report and IRS forms 990 and 990T are available on our website.
          Thank you,
          Veronica Batton
          Unbound Writer/Editor

  11. It’s amazing to me that so many countries are against Israel which has full rights for women and culturally treats women well, and yet you don’t hear a peep about countries like this and cultures like this which oppress 50% of their population without exposes like this. No one goes on campus hating this country and boycotting it until it changes its ways. Let’s focus on the real problems of the world and fix what really needs to be fixed. It has very little to do with birth control and very much to do with cultural attitudes that desperately need to change.

  12. Perhaps it’s time to try summary trials in these cases. Run the evidence before a panel of three qualified local persons, presided over by a retired judge, in camera. If the accused are found guilty, parade them through their neighborhood with faces uncovered, give them a few lashes, and then hang or throw them away for life in labor camps. Research shows that sex offenders generally do not mend. Left free, these people would do the same thing to their female relatives behind closed doors.
    Mrs S. Kumar, Washington, DC, USA

  13. Birth control is the only thing which will protect women and girls. A huge population makes everyone less valuable (eg Cina, India, Mexico) and the most vulnerable -females in a patriarchal society – the ones affected the worst. Educated women have less children.

  14. Re Headline: “India can be a dangerous place to be a girl”

    …Sexism, homophobia, war-profiteering, and (uncontrolled) ‘religious’ faith…
    Amid attempts by I.S.I.S., and the other ‘faithful’ to impose their views, (on everyone, else…), makes the entire earth a dangerous place to be female, regardless of the details!

    come to think of it…
    These dangers affect males, as well!


    Unfortunately, the pictures that are posted with your article shows Indian girls in prime health, dress, AND SMILING – how does that exactly demonstrate the dire plight of women’s & girl’s rights? There are clearly many scenes of the pain, difficulties, and realities of everyday marginalized life for Indian women, particulary widows and orphaned girls – THAT IS WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE SHOWN!

    So…GREAT ARTICLE, but STUPID pictures.

    1. Thank you for sharing your perspective. We chose the photos of the girls in their school uniforms with their books and backpacks to show what’s possible when a community values the dignity and potential of all people.
      -Unbound Communications Team

  16. Well, did u check the facts and present truth to ur readers…answer is NO. Yes, India has problems, so do all countries of the world. There are 2 rapes every 100,000 population in India and there 27 rapes for the same population in USA. Just because USA citizens do not protest or it’s news channels do not report USA does not become safer for woman.

    Did u ever protest or do anything for the woman of ur country…NO for sure. Just presenting a bad picture about another country m running an organization is a easy business. I am happy that women in India are much safer then USA.

  17. I only have based any comments I have made on what I read, see and hear in the newspapers and from my friends in India. I love India, it is not due to any prejudice of mine. I know there is violence against women everywhere, including USA. That is why I started a group on FB listing resources around the world for women suffering from violence or rape. It is used as a tool of social control and war. It is a disgrace wherever it is happening. It is up to women around the world to stand up to this and it is up to men with character can consciousness to support them. Nuff said?? Happy New Year! Del By the way I posted your site to 40 thousand people for donations and support,don’t know how much response there was, I hope you continue your good work on this site.

    1. the article totally biased and reads like a scam for money. “Suryapet, a marginalized community outside of Hyderabad.” C’mon.! I know the place you are talking about and it certainly is not “marginalized”; its a typical small town(not a village). I will not say that India is the safest place for women, but neither is any country in the developing or developed world. its clear the writer is pulling things out of thin air.

  18. These are exceptions to the rule, and India is still the best place for women in this world. Though these things exist, the media has gone on an overdrive sensationalizing every incident against women in India. Please refer to statistics – the US and other countries have an exponentially higher crime rate against women.
    Most women are very well respected in India and are not as exploited for the sex industry such as porn. Such articles are all relative opinions from glass houses.

    1. Hi Ken, Unfortunately I don’t any longer have money to help as I used to before I retired. But I have posted pictures, your mission and donations links for your organization on FB, twitter and google. It is only about 40,000 people who will get the posts, but who knows, maybe one of them will donate or give their time. Good Luck, :-)

  19. I would like to sponsor a young girl, I would like to show my teenage son how a pen pal letter works, and contribute to this cause.
    Thank You

    1. Bonnie,
      Thanks for your interest. Many of our sponsors use the relationship built with their sponsored friends as a teaching tool for their own children. Click here to sign up online. We’ll also have someone from our Sponsor Services department contact you about getting started.
      Thanks again,
      Jordan Kimbrell, writer/editor

  20. This is a big exploitation of one or two incidents happened in India to hijack many generous minds around the world that want to share their fortune with a big mind. This model is observed for years, and the way they do is, work with few individuals locally who share big chunk of this collected money and provide pictures and letters from kids portraying they are helping them. But the end result is, kids are in unofficial jail where they need to follow these few individual’s rules and orders and have to stay away from their parents, and culture. They are not allowed to participate in any family and community events. And will be threatened if they do not follow their orders. They have rest of their lives so miserable, because they cannot share their pains with anyone and just act like they are living ok. My sincere request to so many helping minds, please do all due diligence before sharing your hard earned money.

  21. I never heard of unbound org. before.. I do know our little Wisconsin Lutheran synod
    is sending missionary’s to India. I read about there work in forward in Christ magazine from time to time. its not do to ignorance that peoples of all countries hurt each other.. every one has a knowledge of what is right or wrong..
    any one who does violence to another person knows in there heart its wrong..

    any way its nice to hear about unbound .org

    I am interested in learning more about unbound.org

  22. I am very happy many young girls and women are being helped. Let’s teach them equality without making them into men.

    I would sponsor groups that help young boys and young men as there doesn’t seem to be a voice for them.

  23. HI there unbound. it is great news to hear of the progress being made in Suryapet. If in the future you are in need of voluntary ambassadors to the state of Gujarat please reach out to me as I would be delighted to assist in these positive endeavors.

  24. George–

    I don’t think a women’s strike would work in this situation. If a woman refuses to cook or clean, she may have a husband who beats her into compliance. A woman who refuses sex will probably just get raped. Abusers do not negotiate.

  25. United States makes it look like injustice and violence against happen only in India or in underdeveloped countries. This world view is Eurocentric, biased and prejudiced. USA has discriminated its own people. It has taken over 200 years for this country to elect a black man as president. Native Americans live in dire poverty. When female fetuses are aborted, its wrong because its happening in India because girls are undervalued. What about the abortions in USA. Millions happen every year. Give India her time. It has only been 67 years since Indian independence, so there will be lots of social problems and it will be solved in due time.

  26. Women should organize and go on strike (no cooking, cleaning, sex, etc. Then maybe the government will pass some laws and enforce them.

  27. This … is getting ridiculous already. I have a friend, who has told me that it says in the Bible that the human heart is “deceitfully wicked” and sinful, and “not one person” on Earth is truly good. I am beginning to agree, as I see more and more of what goes on, on this crazy planet. [edited per Unbound blog policy.]

  28. It’s only dangerous to be a girl in India if you DON’T want to be gang-raped and hanged by the local police. It’s not all bad, though…sometimes these girls just get a crazy beating…, instead of being murdered. Just remember, everyone…just because they don’t share our values…it doesn’t make them any less civilized. We must offer the Third World the same level of respect as we do our First World friends… [edited per Unbound blog policy.]

    1. Are you saying that these girls/women are asking to be gang raped or hanged? “It’s only dangerous to be a girl in India if you DON’T want to be gang raped and hanged by local police.”-What a sick statement to make! None of these girls and women want to be brutally gang raped or hanged. So many bright girls and women who aspire to be something great are the likely targets to these abhorring crimes taking place against them….are you saying that girls and women alike shouldn’t be allowed to do something more with their lives and continually live as they are because if they do so otherwise, they are asking to be targeted? You sir are sick and despicable to even say things such as “DON’T want to be gang raped,” whatever the **** that is supposed to mean.

        1. JTC: Hmmm…really now? This piece of technology can sense sarcasm in a person’s comment? Wow that’s very astonishing, quite remarkable really. Even if Defiant’s comment is sarcastic, it is a sick and derogatory statement to make about women and girls in general. So please excuse me if I cannot sense sarcasm through a written response on my computer.

    2. Defiant: I suppose it is okay for a man to beat his wife even in the US.
      Well, I have news for you: Killing anyone is wrong. People who kill belong in jail for life. And, beating anyone is wrong no matter where you reside or what your warped values may be. God help you with your comments that plainly show your hatred of women. How many have you abused in your lifetime. Don’t say none because I worked with family violence victims for over 10 years and know a violator when I see them or hear what they have to say.

  29. Wow what a story, I am from India was adopted by a loving family in the states many years ago. I would be one of these girls if I were still in India. Now I work with the homeless in Milwaukee WI.

    So for all of you who help with resources to the Indian kids..Thank You!

  30. Thank you for shedding light on this tragic plight of these poor children, I watched a special on Netflix about the women in India aborting and killing their babies if they were girls, one woman had killed 7 girls and buried them in the back yard,We had a priest from unbound visit our parish last year and I am sponsoring a Girl named Sweety, let us all jump in and help these women to empower themselves with education and resources they lack,and lots of prayers

  31. its sad young women are circumcised against their will not only in foreign countries but also here in America. the rotten judges in America allow young girls and young women to have NO sayso in the matter of their own bodies. parents are allowed to make the decision for their girls to be circumcised(pierced)… [edited per Unbound blog policy.]

  32. Well i hope something can change the course of time!! I’ve grown so livid over what is going on in these countries that treat women and girls like a piece of rubbish!!! Until that day comes women and girls will continue to be treated as such i guess until women explode with pride and power! I’m sick of the abuse!! Sick! I’ll believe it when i see it… Till then, women will continue to be door mats and inanimate objects to be used and abused!


    1. it is the level that make sit so bad… The blame lies in the attitude of the government, the police and the judicial system (all of which are corrupt). [edited per Unbound blog policy.]

    2. red dot bindi on a woman’s forehead doesn’t mean a person is married. it is a (H)Indu tradition every person follows, to
      show the important thing(Centre for Divine Power, present in pitutary gland, which is the cause for life in living beings) in our body.

    1. Thank you so much for your question, Toni. The girls in this photo are not married. The bindi can be symbolic of many things in the Indian culture, but is not exclusive to married women. It is even common for men to wear bindis.

      Thanks again for your question,
      Jordan Kimbrell, Unbound writer/editor


    1. This is very true.. Exploitation and abuse happens everywhere.. It is just how media is controlled and exposed… Moreover, young boys are equally abused and molested everywhere in India. But plights of Indian boys are accepted in the society. They are raised to bear all pains silently and not reveal just to show that they are strong and it is ok… Noboby cares if they are concerned with their modesty and emotional feelings in case of sexual abuse…As a mother I feel bad that my son has to bear this without any law in place to protect him. I am also afraid that his internal suppressed feeling of injustice leads him to slow death or danger of not growing up properly.

  35. Are you doing conversions in the name of social justice? If you are a genuine NGO work towards uplifting humanity not spreading religion.

    1. Thank you for your question, Arun. Here at Unbound, we work with people of all faith traditions. We are not out to convert. You can read more about our work here. Thanks again for your question – Jordan Kimbrell, Unbound writer/editor

  36. can be dangerous! It was, it is and it will be always be dangerous for aspiring girls and women. The day india succeds is the day when girsla nd women fear no men.

    1. The way every shooting in US is on the front pages of Indian newspapers, Indians ‘know’ that USA is a dangerous plave at any age.

  37. Education needs to be a DAILY chore among the poor and uneducated! There is a great need for community canvassing-community reeducation among the most rural people. The fight against female mutilation in some countries has been nearly eliminated because of DAILY reeducation programs among the most rural people, who were still involved in those traditional practices.

  38. Deeds, not words. Lofty rhetoric and sympathy does not help people, sponsorship does. If you want to help these people, sign up for CFCA/Unbound. It will only set you back $30/month, but that goes a long way to help a poor child, as Unbound stretches the donor dollars and is highly rates by Charity Navigator. I sponsor one boy in Phillipines, one girl in Guatemala and an elderly lady in El Salvador. Deeds. Not words. See what you can do to help, even if only a one-time small donation! It’s a great organization! I have been a donor since 2000.

  39. Thank you for the article. More organization like Unbound are needed on the field in India. We, at Canning Durbadal, try to do our bit — albeit at a very small scale. And thank you again for what you do and have done for women and girls in India.

  40. India is best place to educate and empower girls. Request all to sponsor at least one girl based on merit to finance their education. Talk to as many as you can on how to defend themselves by acting as DURGA or KALI if occasion arises. Slow but steady will win the race.. Do not expect magic.

  41. Thank you for this article + … The treatment of ‘women’, beginning at birth, through their young years ( as these beautiful girls are ), throughout their years, is not only a product of a long history of religious and cultural ‘norms’ and beliefs ~~ but also a deeply ingrained, criminal ‘allowance’ by those in ‘authority’ at all levels of ‘government ! This Country, the largest ‘democracy’, still is one rife with extreme poverty and a common disregard for life — especially for girls and women. If ‘Western’ corporations with branches in India; Governments; Media would speak out on this issue — contribute financially to your cause ( and others in similar Countries with this criminal, inhumane ‘record’..ie: trafficking of young girls in Cambodia; Nepal; Thailand; Africa ) we might see, at the very least, a powerful movement resulting in the desperately needed changes long overdue for ‘Half the Sky’ ~~ I applaud all you do !

  42. I sure hope the project accomplishes great things in India. Even the US is lagging behind in gender equality. Children continue to be sexually assaulted, sold by their parents on Craigslist and women continue to be abused and sexually assaulted. We need Gloria Steinem back to start another Women’s Movement. Will the world ever wake up to the fact that women deserve the same benefits as men and this includes pay for doing the same job. We are living in a world full of not only terrorism, but hate and murder seems to be the way a lot of people choose to solve problems. Wake up world before it is too late.

    1. I don’t know if one considers this an ad that snuck in as an article, but either way I am glad if it raises awareness of the plight of large groups within half our planet’s population. I contribute to the Global Fund for Women because it emphasizes education and proper health care for females in countries with a tradition of such violence and political oppression. Many good people are making an effort by changing laws, but until they are reinforced little will actually change. Friends were shocked to learn that “bride burning” still happens and that “honor killings” are now being transferred to newer countries because people who still believe in such barbarism are immigrating with them. Even if one has absollutely not one ounce of compassion or supports basic human rights, why would a society hold itself back by stifling the creativity and intelligence of individuals who can contribute in so many other ways beyond their biology? If we look at countries with the most overt and cruel practices against women, children, and any demographic in general, just how well are they doing economically? Spending all of one’s time keeping others in submission through fear and domination has a tendency to keep one in the stone age.

      1. Hey whose in charge – don’t know if you were referring to my message or your response, but believe me neither is an ad. I appreciate what you are doing. Wish I could contribute to a number of causes, but live paycheck to paycheck – only get social security and with the great raise of 1.2% I got this year, it doesn’t cover much of my monthly bills.

        1. Pat, Finn,
          I have so much compassion for your position! I haven’t had a raise in years and I am capped out for my pay anyway. We all do what we can. My monthly charities are only more of a token gesture to let them know I support them. You probably do a lot and not even realize it because you obviously care about the plights of those who suffer. Your intgreity alone is probably a great model for others to follow, so please don’t ever feel “less than.”
          I was definitely referring to you, in a positive way, because I agree with you in that it seems a lot of gender equality that was gained has recently been challenged or overtly crushed. So much for the “modern era.”

          1. If you don’t mind my asking, what field are you in – it sounds like you must be in a nonprofit field or do some kind of teaching. If not, you have been born with genes that are much more caring than a lot of individuals in the world today. Sad to say, but the US is going down the tubes very quickly and it is not just women’s issues, but just about every thing you can think of from women and girls, no gun control policies to speak of, people being killed, kids being molested by the clergy and it being wiped under the carpet through $$$ and no prison time. I could go on and on, but just wanted to say thank you for your kind words and I am very sure you have a very caring attitude towards all as well as towards all the problems the world is facing today. I wish you happiness and hopefully a raise soon.

    2. Steinem and her ilk are where the problem lies. She celebrated Margaret Thatcher and others but claimed Indira Gandhi was a privileged species so her achievements were not really achievements for women to emulate. How wrong. How ill informed and how debasing.

      India has its problems with its meager resources. How does one explain the problems of the west which they impose not only on women of the world but on women men and children indiscriminately? and that too at the point of a gun or deprivation.

  43. Wonderful article.How great is the work that Unbound does, and thanks to all the workers for all you do! Sheila

  44. I have sponsored girls in India for many years through a wonderful Charity called Children Incorporated, They write wonderful letters,

    1. Thanks, Penny, for your comment. We love hearing about others doing good things for children around the world. We certainly hope you’ll be a sponsor through us someday as well.
      -Jordan Kimbrell, Unbound writer/editor

  45. I hope the plight of these young women/girls in India will improve.

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