Holy week in Guatemala
Apr 18 2014

Celebrating Holy Week in Guatemala

This week, people around the world have been celebrating Holy Week in a variety of ways. The celebrations in Guatemala are particularly colorful and fragrant.

During Holy Week, families in Guatemala make carpets out of natural materials like sawdust, pine needles and flowers to line the streets for Holy Week processions.

Read more about the tradition here.

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3 thoughts on “Celebrating Holy Week in Guatemala”

  1. These flower carpets are very beautiful. They remind me so much of my childhood in Germany. As children, we would gather for days flowers in the fields and kept them cool in the root cellar until the day of the procession. We would get up very early in the morning to create these flower carpets.
    Bless you all who work so hard and help others in need.
    Renate & Keith Holbrook

  2. My most memorable Holy Week and Easter celebration is from my 1993 mission awareness trip to Guatemala where I was fortunate to spend that special time with Bob Henson and the beautiful Guatemalan people.
    God Bless the Unbound Family
    Rose Marie Lombard, Isaiah Ministries

  3. Here also we had grand celebration on 18th April, On that day we attended the the way of holy cross and holy mass. Through out the day we remembered Jesus

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