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Mar 3 2014

Why do you sponsor with Unbound?

On an awareness trip to El Salvador, Nayeli snuggles up to a visiting sponsor. Nayeli's older sister Rosa is sponsored through Unbound.

On an awareness trip to El Salvador, Nayeli snuggles up to a visiting sponsor. Nayeli’s older sister Rosa is sponsored through Unbound.

Unbound takes a grassroots approach to spreading the word about our sponsorship program. We rely on the enthusiasm of our sponsors to recommend us and share us with others, which keeps our fundraising costs low.

We have approximately 270,000 sponsors, and we want to hear from as many of you as possible. Why do you sponsor with Unbound? What would you tell others about sponsoring through Unbound? Share your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Why do you sponsor with Unbound?”

  1. I have been sponsoring Christita for almost 2 years now. I felt a sense of commitment to older people after the passing of my father and both in-laws who we were involved with as their health declined. I hope I can help Christita enjoy some comforts that we take for granted in America. Her letters inspire me to help. Unbound is a truly great organization for what they do and how easy it is for people like me to try to help others. Thank-you.

  2. There are so many reasons I love Unbound. The organization is open, welcoming, creative, energized. The Mission Trip I went on in 2010 was life-changing. The staff in both the US and abroad are phenomenal, caring, dedicated. Unbound was always willing to listen to my ideas. I have been able to really get to know my sponsored families and the obstacles they face in their communities. Unbound shows in their work how genuinely dedicated they are to helping people around the world, giving them opportunities where none existed before, removing obstacles, ensuring that people maintain their dignity in spite of all the many hardships they face. I have seen and read about people empowered, inspired, given hope. It renews my faith in a humanity just when I am just about to give up on us. I was lucky enough to meet Bob Hentzen when I was in Bolivia. He was there with his beautiful wife. I shook this man’s hand. I feel very lucky and blessed that I was able to meet him. I want to thank Unbound for all of their hard work. I love my experience with Unbound!

  3. We have sponsored through CFCA/Unbound for over 25 years: first, a girl in Guatemala, whom we helped to stay in school and become a teacher, then, when my father died, an older man, Marcos, in Mexico. Our sponsorship of Marcos made it possible for him to receive his medications for many years. We currently sponsor a boy and a girl in Guatemala and an older friend, Antonia, in Mexico. We sponsor mostly because we believe that the people of our rich country owe the people of less-developed nations extra support. It is in many cases our policies that have hampered their economic growth. And we sponsor because we LOVE CFCA/Unbound and its work. Three awareness trips have only strengthened our desire to help. God bless the work!

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