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Mar 21 2014

Sponsored elderly experience more than money can buy

Unbound sponsored elderly

Sponsored elderly in the Philippines are all smiles on their way to Elderly Day activities organized by the Quezon project.

By Dallas Parker, communications intern at Unbound

For our aging friends, having fun is essential to their health and well-being. Unbound hosts events designed to give social opportunities to aging friends like Elderly Day in our Quezon project in the Philippines.

Elderly Day offered activities including going to view a local movie at a theater and dining at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Our sponsored aging friends thoroughly enjoyed experiencing new things, trying different foods and overall just having the chance to do things they don’t have the means to do otherwise.

“Because of Unbound, I have had the opportunity to go places I would’ve never thought I would be able to see,” Nenita, 64, said. “I’ve been so happy with all of the experiences I’ve had.

“I have also earned more friends and I feel younger than before. This could not be bought with money.

“That’s why I’m very grateful for Unbound and all of the things you have given to us.”

Unbound sponsored elderly

The elderly get ready to dine at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Eating out is a special treat for them.

Unbound is the only major sponsorship organization to sponsor the elderly. Being part of Unbound allows our aging members to live fully, laugh and love one another rather than being isolated.

“I could see it in their eyes how happy they were when we planned activities for them,” said Tristan John Cabrera, communications liaison for Unbound in the Philippines.

“Giving this type of appreciation to our elderly is just like showing appreciation to our mothers and fathers who raise, protect and guide us to become good humans.”

(Information and photos were provided by Tristan John Cabrera, communications liaison for Unbound in the Philippines.)

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