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Mar 19 2014

Dairy farm helps children in India attend school

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Innamma, a mother in India, used microloans from her mothers group to start a dairy business.

Learn how Innamma pays for her children’s education with help from her four-legged friends, whom she met because she joined a mothers group!

By Shanxi Omoniyi, Unbound contributor

Sometimes all you need to break free from poverty is a helping hand — or, in Innamma’s case, four helping hooves.

A decade ago Innamma and her husband in India used to wonder how they could afford their children’s educations. Both worked as cooks at a boarding school in their community, but their combined income wasn’t enough to keep their family out of poverty.

It was hard enough to put meals on the table, let alone pay school fees and tuition.

Then Bala, Innamma’s son, was sponsored through Unbound’s project in India.

“When my son got sponsorship, things changed,” Innamma said.

Sponsorship opened the door for Innamma to join a local support group for parents of sponsored children. She began saving money and secured a microloan through the mothers group to purchase a buffalo, known as a cow in the U.S.

Sponsored friend in India

Innamma with her son, Bala, and her husband.

That buffalo was the start of a thriving dairy farm for Innamma’s family. With milk sales alone, she was able to repay her microloan.

Now she has four buffaloes, and has effectively quadrupled her initial investment.

Recently Innamma took out another microloan to build a better house for her family, and successfully repaid it with the profits from her farm.

Her biggest triumph, however, is that she’s now able to afford her children’s school fees.

“I found it difficult to educate my children,” she said, “but now I am confident of their future.”

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3 thoughts on “Dairy farm helps children in India attend school”

  1. It is a role model to other mothers to look forward for an alternative of sustaining their siblings at school .I would like to take this opportunity to give vote of thanks to Innamma and tell him to keep that spirit living so as to help her siblings meet their daily needs.

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