Feb 26 2014

Unbound in the blogosphere

unbound-in the blogosphere

It’s our privilege to tell you about a blog post that features a tribute to our late president and co-founder, Bob Hentzen.

The post is titled “Bob Walked; Everyone Grew” by Paula Kiger.

Paula has been an Unbound sponsor for several years and has graciously shared her tribute to Bob Hentzen on her personal blog. Here’s an excerpt from her post:

When I read an article memorializing Bob Hentzen, President and Co-Founder of Unbound, after his death on October 9, I learned that when he decided to relocate from Kansas City to Guatemala in 1996, he walked. That’s right: 4,000 miles!

I can only imagine the human rights issues Bob saw on his walk (and continued to see when he settled in Guatemala).

… I doubt any of us reading this plan any 4000 mile walks in our lifetimes. What we can do, however, is slow down and walk through our town, our country, or another country and observe the human rights challenges, with an eye to doing something about them.

Read the full blog post at Perspicacity: Bob Walked; Everyone Grew

Thank you for your support, Paula.

We invite you to click on Paula’s post and leave a comment for her. This helps show our support for her efforts to tell others about Unbound’s work!

6 thoughts on “Unbound in the blogosphere”

  1. My life change when I meet Don Roberto in my first trip in Guatemala 2006.
    For 8 years I was very fortunate to meet him and Dona Cristina in my mission trips.
    I miss him

      1. I do too, Maria. After meeting him in 2011, I wasn’t sure if there would ever be another opportunity, but I hoped there would be. I am glad to have had the week together in Guatemala, for sure.

  2. Isn’t that incredible? Being a runner, I have gotten in the habit of seeing distances a little differently (i.e., do I really need to get in the car to go to that restaurant that’s a five minute drive away?) but THIS is a whole different concept!!

  3. I am happy to share my memories of Bob … he and Cristina made such a big impact on me … I feel so very fortunate to have had the opportunity to share time with them in Guatemala.

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