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Feb 5 2014

How to remember your sponsored friend on Valentine’s Day

Sponsors visit sponsored friends on a 2013 awareness trip to El Salvador.

Sponsors visit sponsored friends on a 2013 awareness trip to El Salvador.

By Veronica Batton, Unbound writer/editor

Valentine’s Day in Guatemala is known as “the day of love and friendship.” It’s not just about remembering the one you love, but also remembering friends, family and co-workers who are important to you.

This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to give you some different ways in which you can remember and celebrate the friendship you created with your sponsored friend a world away.

• Send a special card

A great way to let your friend know you care is to send a special card. Sponsored friends love to get mail from their sponsors. It lets them know someone cares about them and is rooting for them to succeed.

It’s now easier than ever to send a Valentine’s message to your sponsored friend with our Valentine eLetter template!


Just log in to your account, select “Write an eLetter” and choose the template you’d like to use.

I love this new template. It makes the letter personal and the hearts are so cute! I’m going to write a special Valentine’s Day letter to my sponsored friend, Thilothammal, in Chennai, India.

If you would rather send a paper card through the mail, check out the Valentine’s Day card I made for my friend last year.

• Make some cookies

Last year, Americans spent $1.6 billion on Valentine’s Day candy. That’s a lot of chocolate!

This year, try a treat that is not only delicious but meaningful as well.

Cookies from Colombia

Cookies from Colombia … mmm!

Lillian and Maria are sisters and mothers of sponsored children in Colombia. They took out a loan through their mothers group to start a cookie business. They sell the cookies to neighbors and local stores, which earns them income to help support their families.

The name of the cookies? Ricas Tentaciones, or Rich Temptations.

“We chose this name because our cookies are a temptation,” Lillian said. “When we make the cookies, we want to eat them!”

Get the recipe and make some extra special treats for your loved ones!

• Put up your friend’s photo at your workplace

A great way to remember your sponsored friend is to see your friend each day, but I’m not talking about visiting your friend’s country!

Bring your friend’s photo to work and proudly display it in your area. Think of it as a visual reminder of the incredible friendship you and your friend have created. And it’s also a great way to share Unbound with others.

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Do you have any other ideas on how to remember your friend for Valentine’s Day? Share them in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “How to remember your sponsored friend on Valentine’s Day”

  1. Joyce Adams post Feb 5 Joyce, I,too, had trouble getting use to the simple word ”
    ‘unbound.’ I had been prepared for the change in name last May’13 when on a awareness trip. Bob Hentzen had a prayer time and meeting every morning before we took off to visit different projects.During these meetings Bob explained his feelings about making CFCA, a more all inclusive organization. Listening to Bob explain why the present name suggests that the organization is geered towards Christians only,made me think a lot about other relegions and beliefs through out the whole world. If you could have heard and seen the great love and gentleness that Bob had, to serve ALL peoples,you might have some understanding of how important this was to him. It took me some hard thinking and mind changes to accept and grasp all Bob was teaching us. My heart was not quite as big as Bob’s yet; praying about this decision helped me accept and understand what he was saying. Christ will always be in this sponsoring organization. It doesn’t have to be in the name to see that. Poverty binds people up; they cannot be all that God created them to be. When they become sponsored by us, they become ‘Unbound.’ It takes a while to comprehend all that one word means.

    1. I am a very committed sponsor of 5 persons in Guatemala and I intend to be there for them as long as they need me. However, about the name change, I see it as backing away from CFCA’s Christian roots because of the concern that the Christian label limits your effectiveness, particularly in Muslim and Hindu countries, but also with our secular culture that has abandoned Christianity. I know the tag line, “CFCA is our foundation and Unbound is our future” but what does that really mean? The mission of CFCA is based on Christian love, compassion and service and that tends to evaporate when its link to Christ is broken. It is not possible to have authentic Christian values while distancing oneself from the One who gave them to us. The new name and logo are essentially meaningless to me and I suspect to many others. Either the organization is Christian or it is not, you can’t have it both ways. I was encouraged that the present use in Guatemala is a combination of CFCA and Unbound which is probably intended to be transitional, but makes a lot more sense than a radical name change and a loss of continuity. These are my thoughts and probably those of others who have kept silent. Some of the persons on my recent Awareness trip that I spoke with also expressed doubts about the wisdom of a radical name change. Obviously, the decision has been made by the powers that be in CFCA and time will tell what the consequences will be, but I for one am less supportive of Unbound than I was of CFCA, although my sponsored ones are sacred to me and I will be faithful to them.

      1. Thank you, Terry, for your concerns. We want to assure you that our Christian roots still remain important to us and we continue to answer the gospel call to serve the poor. Thank you for continuing your relationships with your sponsored friends and for your many years of sponsorship.
        Christina, Sponsor Services

  2. I am not happy about the change from Christian Foundation for Children and Aging to Unbound. It’s a very secular name. The fact is that Bob Henson probably chose CFCA because it is an expression of the Christian ethic and the mission that Christians have been given to help one another; poor, naked, sick, hungry, needy in so many ways.. Why was it necessary to change it and notably after Bob’s death? I would like an answer, because I think that CFCA was a wonderful name and a fitting name for the work that is being done and feelings of those who participate.

    1. Joyce, thank you for your feedback. We chose Unbound because it has scriptural roots and reflects the liberating power of the Gospel. Bob was involved with the decision-making process and was completely onboard with Unbound. We invite you to watch this video message from Bob about the updated name: http://www.hopeforafamily.org/unbound
      Gratefully, Christina, Sponsor Services

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