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Jan 15 2014

Sponsors enjoy water therapy with elderly friends

Getting into the groove of New Year’s resolutions? Our sponsored elderly friends in El Salvador got a jump on staying active and included a group of sponsors in on the fun.

Read more to learn about how this group of sponsored members stays fit and healthy.

By Naresli Calito, correspondent for Unbound in El Salvador

At Unbound we believe in the strength and the wisdom of the elderly. In El Salvador, there is an energetic group of elderly friends. They have a dance group with rehearsals twice a week, they have dance presentations, and they also have water therapy.

Our sponsored elderly feel like they are young again. They play like children in the water. They practice their therapy in a water park in Santa Ana.

As part of the El Salvador awareness trip hosted by Unbound, sponsors of all different ages shared a day with the elderly and also participated in water therapy.

They met near where the elderly receive their therapy. The sponsors and elderly walked together a few blocks to get there.

“We went to a water park with sponsored elderly; to me it was probably the greatest thing I ever saw,” said sponsor Jack Boland.

They started with warming up their bodies and then went into the water. They moved without a problem. The sponsored elderly said this therapy helps them alleviate their aches and pains.

For our aging friends, sharing a day with sponsors was a great experience. They laughed, played and swam.

“We had so much fun with [sponsors] we felt like we were a family,” said Dora, one of the sponsored elderly friends. “They are very special for us.”

3 thoughts on “Sponsors enjoy water therapy with elderly friends”

  1. we are equal and the same in the eyes of God regardless of race, color, age. I have liked the pictorial. To the sponsors, thanks for the good work and may God reward you abundantly. To the sponsored, god is great that he never forsakes his own.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Nzwebe! We’re so glad you enjoyed the post, and we hope God blesses all as well.

      -Jordan Kimbrell, Unbound Writer/Editor

  2. Some things are universal! I love seeing the things each project does on trips that connect the sponsors and sponsored friends regardless of language. This looks very fun.

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