Sponsored elder in Peru
Jan 8 2014

Sponsored elder in Peru finds hope through letters

Miss Antonia, an elderly woman in Peru, shares a special bond with her sponsor through letters. Her letters help show her that there is someone out there that cares.

If you doubt the power of love and letters, meet Miss Antonia.

She is a 78-year-old sponsored friend in Lima, Peru.

Sponsorship benefits help put food on the table for Miss Antonia, but that’s not the reason she loves her sponsor, Robby, a woman from the state of Georgia.

Miss Antonia adores Robby because she writes letters that make Antonia feel special and loved.

“I never knew somebody was thinking about me,” said Miss Antonia. “I never had somebody care.”

Miss Antonia loves her sponsor so much that she kisses Robby’s picture and says “I will die with her photo in my arms.”

You can help an aging friend in a foreign country feel special and loved.

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