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Dec 9 2013

Sponsor ‘unprepared’ for emotion of meeting friend

CFCA sponsor Margie O’Connor recently traveled to Ecuador for our first awareness trip to the country. She talks about her trip and how meeting her sponsored friend Inti will always be a great moment in her life.

By Margie O’Connor, CFCA sponsor

When I began my sponsorship of Inti 14 years ago, I never would have expected it to culminate in such a beautiful story!

Inti was about 8 years old when he started writing letters by himself. We loved getting his letters and, most especially, his pictures as the years went by.

It was quite apparent he was very bright, and we knew he was working hard at school and had great dreams for his future. Inti, I am excited to say, is in his fifth year at the university, completing a degree in accounting and auditing.

It has always been my dream to meet Inti, and I jumped at the first awareness trip to Ecuador being offered.

Originally, my only objective was to meet my sponsored friend. How unexpected was the beautiful fellowship with the other sponsors and the staff traveling with us. The best part for me was sharing this amazing experience with my 12-year-old son, Matthew.

When we finally met Inti several days into the trip, I was unprepared for how emotional it would be. Seeing him in person after many years of watching him grow up into such a fine young man took my breath away!

Getting the chance to spend time with Inti will always be a great highlight in my life.

I can’t say enough about the staff who planned the trip, and took such good care of our needs. This was my first awareness trip, but I’m already planning my next one.

The people we met in Ecuador touched my heart in such a special way, and I was so humbled by the warm welcome we received everywhere we traveled.

I came back from the trip with an increased appreciation for the amazing work.

I now sponsor six individuals, and I hope to sponsor more in the future!

One thought on “Sponsor ‘unprepared’ for emotion of meeting friend”

  1. Hi Margie,
    It is always wonderful reading the articles about first time MAT participants because it immediately takes me back to my first MAT, so thank you for that. The experience is so powerful that I suggest you share it with others to encourage them to sponsor or go on a MAT. As a minimum, encourage current sponsors to write to their sponsored friends on a regular basis. I just came back from the India MAT and numerous children asked the participants to ask their sponsors to write to them. I posted such a request to the sponsors at our parish on our parish website. You are welcome to read the post at http://www.stjeromennva.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=183:cfca-sponsored-friends-request-letters&catid=28&Itemid=169

    Thank you for sharing your experience.


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