Unbound president/CEO Scott Wasserman
Dec 27 2013

Generous hearts at Christmas

CFCA's president and CEO, Scott Wasserman

CFCA’s president and CEO, Scott Wasserman

By Scott Wasserman, CFCA president and CEO

One morning recently, I read a file from a law firm representing the estate of one of our late sponsors. In her will she left $500 for the benefit of Jose, her sponsored child in Colombia.

Michael Calabria, CFCA’s planned giving director, worked with the attorney, Jim, on how best to use the gift. Our staff in Colombia let us know that when Jose completes 11th grade next year, he must either enroll in college or enlist in the military.

In Colombia, it’s mandatory to serve at least 22 months in the military if you are 18 years old and not in school. Students who are 18 and still in school can purchase a deferral certificate for $650.

Jose’s family has trouble even affording food; they couldn’t think about affording a deferral certificate so Jose could continue with his education. The estate gift, as generous as it was, covered only $500. The family would need to find an additional $150 to keep Jose in school.

As an attorney myself, I was familiar with the contents of the file on my desk. It included the standard documents for the estate gift, but it also contained something else: a personal check from Jim, the lawyer, for $150.

A handwritten yellow post-it note on the check said, “Mike — I thought I would add a donation of $150 for Jose’s education. Merry Christmas, Jim.”

Yes, Virginia, even lawyers believe in Santa!

Have a great Christmas!

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