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Dec 17 2013

Aspiring to greater things: scholarships change families and communities

If you met Dalia on a Guatemalan street, you’d want to get to know her. And you’d want to help make her dreams a reality.

When you see Dalia, in her brightly patterned traditional Mayan dress with her long dark hair flowing, you know she’s a girl on a mission.

She’s strong, determined and compassionate.

Dalia lives with her mother and four siblings in the highlands of Guatemala. Before they began receiving help from CFCA, her mother worried every month, unsure of how she would pay for their school tuition. Feeding a family of six as a single mom was a big enough challenge. Sometimes school seemed too far out of reach.

But then Dalia received a CFCA scholarship. That scholarship is making her dreams, dreams to provide for her family and her community, a reality.

“My friends in primary school used to say that they did not have a health center in their village,” Dalia said. “I would say to them, ‘Someday I will be a nurse and I will go to your village to help’.

Today, she’s doing just that.

Dalia is in nursing school. As part of her scholarship, she volunteers at a local health clinic every week. She helps with checkups, weighing and measuring children, even providing immunizations.

“I like to take care of those who need it most, children and the elderly,” Dalia said. “If I were in their shoes, I would greatly appreciate the helping hand of others.”

For families living in poverty, education is the key to a better life.

When Dalia becomes a nurse, she’ll be able to help provide for her family and secure a better life for them all.

And Dalia has dreams beyond her family. She will use her education to help her community.

“Guatemala is beautiful; when you look closer you will also see malnutrition, poverty, abandonment, illiteracy and families with many different needs,” Dalia said.

“Having access to a scholarship gives us the chance to fight many of these problems.

Each year of education gives us the power to aspire to greater things.”

Children living in poverty know that education is their way out. But all too often, their families can’t afford the required tuition or the necessary books and supplies.

You can change that. By donating to the Scholarship Fund, you provide bus fare, textbooks, school tuition and uniforms. You open the doors to hope.


Will you help students like Dalia aspire to greater things?

Will you help them go to school and provide a better life for their family and for others?

Give an end-of-year gift to the CFCA Scholarship Fund today. Students like Dalia thank you.

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