Geography Awareness Week
Nov 19 2013

Honduras: Taking steps toward a better future

Honduras Geography Awareness Week

Join us as we celebrate Geography Awareness Week with National Geographic and friends. This year’s theme “focuses on how geography enables us all to be intrepid explorers in our own way.”

Today we take a closer look at Honduras and the work we do in Central America.

Honduras is in the heart of Central America. About the size of Ohio, it has the distinction of being the region’s most mountainous country!

Its rugged landscape gives the nation its physical beauty, but it also can isolate families in rural communities, especially if they have little or no economic resources. Honduras has one of the highest poverty levels in Latin America. More than 60 percent of its 8 million people live in poverty.

Our work in Honduras began in 1982. Today we work with almost 20,000 children, youth and aging friends through sponsorship.

Behind every one of those sponsorships is a story – like the story of Theresa, who sponsors two children, Rosa and Franklin, in Honduras.

She and her sponsored friends corresponded for several years before she met them on an awareness trip. There, she discovered they had been saving every letter she had ever written to them.

“These kids just touch your heart,” Theresa said.

The mothers of sponsored children are just as inspiring, as they learn ways to help guide their households and communities toward a brighter future.

They participate in small support groups where they receive training in budgeting, problem solving and finance. Some groups have organized community cleanup activities, while others have created their own businesses such as this innovative thorn-curtain project.

The Honduran families continue to inspire us. In the words of Pat Jacobs, a sponsor, “I have seen a child develop before my eyes.”

Sponsor a child or aging friend in Honduras! After clicking the link, select “view children” and then choose “Honduras” from the drop-down menu.

4 thoughts on “Honduras: Taking steps toward a better future”

  1. Our little guy, Jose, is a treasure. He writes of his faith, and his love of God. He is very grateful for our assistance! He has a wonderful family and while they quite poor, they are rich in the blessings of The Lord.

  2. I sponsor a nine year old boy in Honduras. He and his hard working family are an inspiration for me. I hope to visit him some day.

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