Nov 28 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! Leave a comment for what you are thankful for!

In observance of the holiday, our office will be closed on Thanksgiving, and Nov. 29.

Here at CFCA, we have a lot to be thankful for: our staff in the field, our sponsored members and especially each and every one of our sponsors.

We want to share our thankfulness with all of you!

Join us in the spirit of Thanksgiving and leave a comment below telling us what you’re thankful for.

While you’re at it, check out our 2013 “Thank You” video:

6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving! Leave a comment for what you are thankful for!”

  1. I am thankful for Christian (esp. Catholic) organizations that are not ashamed to call themselves Christian and are not bound by secularism to change their name to very PC sounding organizations, i.e., Unbound.

    1. Thank you, Donna, for sharing your perspective with us. The name Unbound has deep scriptural roots and represents our work to free people from poverty. We are proud of our faith base, and our core values remain the same. We assure you we will continue with our work to help families in poverty live with dignity. Thank you, once again.

      -Jordan Kimbrell, CFCA Writer/Editor

  2. On this Thanksgiving, we are thankful for angels on earth who dedicate their lives to making a difference with others, and who create such easy ways for others of us to help. Go CFCA!

    We are also thankful for the indomitable human spirit which, inspired by God’s love, gives the less fortunate the will to strive and even thrive in the face of great challenges we comfortable Americans can only imagine.

    Happy Thanksgiving All! Thanks for letting us play our part in all this!

    Glenn and Diane

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