Sponsored friends in the Philippines
Nov 26 2013

Friends dream of a future free from poverty

From left: Michelle, Venus and Alona in the Philippines find a little help and encouragement goes a long way. The three friends dream of becoming teachers.

From left: Michelle, Venus and Alona in the Philippines find a little help and encouragement goes a long way. The three friends dream of becoming teachers.

Three friends from the Philippines dreaming of becoming teachers now see that dream within their grasp.

And it’s because someone believed in them.

Michelle is 18 years old and in her second year of college studying elementary education. Her father died when she was 8, and she credits her CFCA sponsor family with getting her, her mother and two brothers through some hard times, financially and emotionally.

Their support has been a lifeline for Michelle and her family, helping her to stay in school. The letters they write mean a lot, too.

“They are very great,” Michelle said. “They are one of my inspirations to keep striving for my studies because they keep encouraging me.”

Alona is 19 and in her third year of college studying secondary education. She has been sponsored through CFCA since the fourth grade, and she also has a CFCA scholarship.

The school fees, uniforms and supplies Alona gets help a lot with her education, and she is so thankful. But she also loves the fact that as a sponsored youth, she can share with her sponsor in America what she loves about the Philippines.

“I always tell about our culture, why it’s so beautiful here,” Alona said. “They say it’s more fun in the Philippines.

“We are all beautiful, the Philippines and its people.”

Alona, who has four sisters and a brother, has seen her mother become a leader in a self-help parents group, which provides training and loans for parents who want to start their own small businesses.

The parents group also organizes support for families who have experienced calamities, such as flooding or other damage to their homes after typhoons.

“I am proud of her,” Alona said of her mother.

For 19-year-old Venus, in her third year of college studying secondary education, CFCA sponsorship has meant a chance to continue her education and lessen the economic burden on her family.

In her personal statement on her CFCA family profile, Venus said, “I am a product of loving parents. … We experienced many struggles in life but we don’t lose our hope to surpass it all because we have a strong family bond, and we know God is always with us.”

Venus has five sisters and a brother. According to her family profile, her parents bring in about $100 a month working as a bus dispatcher and housekeeper.

They didn’t have the chance to finish high school, and they work hard to give their children an opportunity for an education, Venus said.

The sponsorship helps the family stretch their budget so Venus and her siblings can continue in school and have a better future.

“We would like to thank CFCA for supporting us and touching our lives,” Venus said.

Giving Tuesday is just a week away! Help support others like Michelle, Venus and Alona by giving to CFCA’s scholarship fund.

One thought on “Friends dream of a future free from poverty”

  1. I am so happy to hear that three young ladies have chosen teaching as the career field.

    My wife and I spent over 25 years each in teaching. My wife was in Elementary Education and I was in Secondary Education.

    Being able to get a quality education is priceless, and I am so glad that the sponsorships helped in allowing and encouraging these women to pursue their dreams. I hope that when they complete their college requirements they will begin to understand and appreciate the influence they will have on literally hundreds and hundreds of students during their careers.

    Education is critically important in helping individuals discover their talents and gifts and helps each individual fulfill their potential. Education is critically important in leveling the playing field of opportunities and in achieving success in life.

    Keep up your efforts and may God bless each of you and inspire each of you to do great things!

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