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Nov 20 2013

Dads show caring community in action

Typhoon Haiyan destroyed a CFCA family's home in Aklan province, Philippines.

Typhoon Haiyan destroyed a CFCA family’s home in Aklan province, Philippines.

The CFCA community is there for families before and after natural disasters strike.

Sponsorship brings families into a caring community that supports them in their daily lives and in times of crisis.

Hundreds of CFCA families saw their houses damaged or destroyed as Super Typhoon Haiyan slashed its way through the central Philippines less than two weeks ago. Farmers lost crops and fishermen lost fishing gear.

CFCA will work side by side with families as they rebuild their homes and livelihoods. Donations to our Disaster Assistance Fund will help in this effort.

Haiyan, called Yolanda in the Philippines, was the 25th storm to hit the island nation this year. Families in the Philippines are vulnerable to typhoons, especially if they live in coastal communities or areas prone to flooding.

One of the best ways to help is to sponsor a child or elderly person from the Philippines. Sponsorship gives families the ability to plug into resources that otherwise might not be available to them.

Families in the province of Iloilo, for example, will get help from a group of CFCA dads from the Antipolo project who have training and experience in disaster response.

The ERPAT fathers will travel to Iloilo in the Western Visayas region to help families there rebuild. CFCA will cover the cost of materials, and the dads will provide labor and construction expertise.

These ERPAT fathers check emergency equipment in preparation before Typhoon Haiyan.

These ERPAT fathers check emergency equipment in preparation before Typhoon Haiyan.

ERPAT stands for Empowerment and Reaffirmation of Paternal Abilities, and the dads who are part of the group have distinguished themselves in community service. Their efforts build stronger, more resilient communities.

It’s a beautiful example of families being a part and taking the lead in creating their own solutions.

CFCA is proud to partner with them.

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