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Nov 25 2013

4 sponsorship questions you may have thought about but were afraid to ask

CFCA sponsor Maggie hugs her sponsored friend Katherine during a 2012 awareness trip to El Salvador.

CFCA sponsor Maggie hugs her sponsored friend Katherine during a 2012 awareness trip to El Salvador.

“Child sponsorship is just a money machine for big organizations.”
“Sometimes the child being sponsored doesn’t even get the money you send.”
“You never know whether your contributions are making a difference.”
“They’ll just sell your information to some marketing company.”

Do any of these sound familiar? Child sponsorship can get a bad rap sometimes, but we’re happy to answer any questions you may have before partnering with us.

Here are three of the most common sponsorship questions we hear:


Q. “How do I know my sponsorship money actually benefits my friend?”

A. Through extensive audits and low overhead, we ensure that your money is helping a real person. We’re proud to report that more than 93 percent of our expenses go toward program support, a remarkably high number in the nonprofit world.

As part of our internal auditing process, Kansas City staffers make random visits to sponsored friends. This helps us make sure that everyone in the program has equal access to sponsorship benefits and services. We also check for accountability and documentation at the local level.

You can read an in-depth explanation of our accountability methods here.

Q. “How long will my sponsorship last?”

A. That depends. As long as your friend is attending school, including higher education, they can stay in the sponsorship program.

With your help, the burden of paying for education won’t fall entirely on your friend’s family. It will be easier for them to stay in school, achieve their career goals and become self-sufficient.

If you’re looking for a specific time period in which to sponsor, we encourage you to consider sponsoring an older student. Many of these students have only a few years left to complete their education.

Q. “How do I know I’m helping someone who’s really ‘in need’?”

A. Every person accepted into our sponsorship program is living in poverty and in need of help.

Our local staffers determine who is eligible to participate based on several criteria, including economic need.

Other factors include the family’s willingness and commitment to actively participate in our program and work toward becoming self-sufficient.

You can read more about our sponsorship process here.

Any other questions about sponsorship that you’d like answered? Let us know in the comments!

Q. “How do you protect my privacy?”

A. We never share your personal information, such as mailing addresses and contact details, with your sponsored friend, or any outside organizations. Our local staffs monitor all correspondence, both to protect your privacy and ensure that all communications with sponsored friends are appropriate.

We’re also committed to protecting sponsored friends’ privacy. If you’re referring to your sponsored friend on social media or another public platform, please only refer to them by first name and country (without naming specific cities, schools, etc.).

For more information, read our privacy policy here.

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