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Oct 15 2013

Sharing from the heart: A journey of sponsorship

After returning from an awareness trip to Honduras in May, CFCA sponsor Christine Burghoff wanted to do more for children living in poverty.

Through personal connections and sharing her story, she helped find sponsors for children and aging friends in need.

One such sponsor was Dwight Canning.

Because Christine reached out to Dwight, two more children have hope for a better future.

These are their stories.

Christine’s story

“Ten years ago, like so many others, I listened to a priest talk to our parish, St. Francis Borgia, in Washington, Mo., about the needs of these children and the good works of CFCA.

“I started sponsoring a little girl, Mariella, from Mexico. (Editor’s note: Today, Christine sponsors Esther and Nancy from Honduras.)

“I think God had a hand in my traveling to Honduras; it was not so much a decision as it was just listening to direction being given.

“I had not looked for sponsors previously, but after going on the trip it was so evident that the little support we give provides so much for these families.

“I have found four sponsors so far and am looking for one more.

“I started telling people about my trip, and they could see the difference they could make.

I spoke from my heart, and that was what made the difference.”

Dwight’s story

Caption: Dwight heard about Oneyda’s story and decided to become her sponsor.

“[I decided to sponsor after] reading about Oneyda and her family, as well as [hearing] Christine’s firsthand account of the lifestyle [of] those in need in Honduras.

“I realized that there was nothing to doubt, that the CFCA program is real, that it is important and that it truly fulfills the needs of others.

“I’m thrilled to be a sponsor, so much so that I have since sponsored a second child, a 9-year-old boy in the Dominican Republic.

“It’s an easy decision and without risk. You can open up a new world for someone who is truly in need by making the easy decision to help CFCA.

“I hope Oneyda is able to excel in her school and fulfill any dreams she may have regarding what she wants to do when she grows up!

“I like the idea, that even though we have never met, she knows that there is someone out there that cares for her and that is praying for her.

“I feel proud to be associated with and a part of CFCA.”

Oneyda’s corn flakes and milk

The moment Dwight decided to sponsor 5-year-old Oneyda, her life changed.

“[Before being sponsored] I did not have corn flakes or milk,” Oneyda said. “And now, my sponsors provide them for me. I eat them every morning.”

Through sponsorship, she receives basic necessities her family was unable to afford, allowing her to focus on her dreams.

“I want to be big like my kindergarten teacher,” she said.

Oneyda can find joy in little things and strive for her dreams, all because Christine shared her story and Dwight chose to help.

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